Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sep 28, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

The sun was up and bright today after a rainy week. I left home early today just so I could arrive in time for the Officers Meeting. The Skyway Extension Project is in full swing and has been causing massive slowing down of traffic.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Alabang Community Toastmasters Club Visit - Sep 21, 2019

It's my first time to visit the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club in their new venue at Unit 716 of the Civic Prime Bldg. The last time I visited the club was at the Cafe 8 in Crimson Hotel when I was Area Director.

(photo credits: Nelson Salazar)

Monday, September 16, 2019

Amazing Harbor Toastmasters Club Inauguration

There was something amiss when I was nearing the Bureau of Customs (BOC) compound at NAIA. It wasn't just the car tire trouble that I was having, there was something strange at the road.

There was a long line of cars parked on one lane near the sidewalk. I asked a watcher if that was the way to the BOC. He said yes and that there was an event right inside the parking lot. This meant there was nowhere else I could park and so I was just instructed to back up and park at the tail end of the queue.

(photo credits: Ed Ramirez)

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sep 7, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

It was another full house meeting today with 6 Guests, 3 Table Topics Respondents, 6 Prepared Speakers and Zero Backouts!

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R) Front row: Leah Catapia, Jude Ola and Ralph Lim. Middle row: Ed Ramirez, Jen Espanto, me, James Exequiel, Loise Banez and Alvin Panghulan. Back row: Pat Maliksi, Mother Maliksi, Porsh Maliksi, Charly Azucena, Ching Bognot, Carlo Jabat, Marilyn Malinao, Angel Merilleno, Venneth Santos, Glendy Artes, Ellen de Guzman, Chloe de Guzman, Belle Villanueva and Russell Santos.

(photo credits: Ed Ramirez)

Division H Council Meeting 2019-2020 Sep 7, 2019

It was a fine September morning for the Division H Council meeting at the Cassalu Restaurant. Today's Division Council Meeting was essentially a debriefing and planning session rolled into one.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Speakers Summit 2019-2020 Aug 24, 2019

What appeared to be a bad omen of a heavy downpour in the morning proved to be good luck for the Speakers Summit 2019-2020. After the heavy rain, it rained registrants at the lobby of Fluor Daniel Building as we had more than a hundred Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters attending!

Shown below are the six speakers that saw action in today's Speakers Summit 2019-2020: Tzarina Saldana, Raul dela Vega, me, Ed Ramirez, Ralph Lim and Neb Perez.

(photo credits: Toto Gustilo for Div.H)

Rockstar Speaking for Introverts

This presentation was delivered in the Speakers Summit 2019-2020 held at Fluor Daniel Phils. in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The Speakers Summit was hosted by Division H under District 75 and was open to all, including non-toastmasters.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Speakers Summit 2019 Promotional Materials

We only have one week and it's all systems go for the Speakers Summit 2019 - at least for me. I'm done with my slideshow presentation and even removed an entire segment which seems detached from my central theme. For now, my remaining tasks are: completing the script (bullet points) and being able to practice it with the slides.

Promotional Videos

Thus far, the following videos have been shared for this year's promotional materials for the summit. They were created with the joint efforts of members of the Division H Council. Apparently, we had more videos this year than in last year's promotional materials.

Video released last July 17, 2019.

Aug 17, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

I had to skip today's meeting for two reasons: there was a psalmist and instrumentalist meeting with the parish priest, Fr. Ike, and I was still busy preparing for my presentation for the Speakers Summit next week (August 24).

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R). Seated: Rema Manzano, Duchess Munsayac and Cristina Yung. Standing: Loise Banez, Leah Catapia, Porsh Maliksi, Nelle Cirujales, Ed Ramirez, Pat Maliksi, Marilyn Malinao, Jude Ola, Leonzo Escola, Chloe de Guzman and Ellen de Guzman.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Aug 10, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

The meeting today was originally scheduled last Aug 3, but there was a typhoon and heavy rains. Pres. Cristina rescheduled that meeting to today. Unfortunately, I had a ministry meeting today, being the 2nd Saturday of the month.

Attending the meeting were (L-R): Seated: Ching Bognot, Cristina Yung and Loise Banez. Standing: Russell Santos, Chloe de Guzman, Ed Ramirez, James Exequiel, Alvin Panghulan, Pam Patacsil, Marilyn Malinao, Leonzo Escolar and Jude Ola.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

JPhil Toastmasters Club Visit as General Evaluator

This time around, I was early in attending the JPhil Toastmasters Club noontime meeting. It was my second meeting with them.

Some of those attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Genesis Isidro, Brian Mejorada, Michelle Chavez, Abelle Cruz, Leslie-Ann Moreno, Ed Ramirez, me, Ken Carillo, Jeff Dimarucut, Gizzle Amoranto, John Raphael Cuenca, and Gemmarie Saavedra.

(photo credits: Genesis Isidro)

Saturday, July 20, 2019

12th Anniversary Celebration for BF Community TMC

After the July 20, 2019 regular Toastmasters Club meeting, many of us went to the Music 21 KTV in Alabang.

Some of those who attended were (L-R): Raul dela Vega, Jude Ola, Alvin Panghulan, Ed Ramirez, Marlon Sanchez, Leah Catapia, Loise Bañez, Beth Pableo, Rema Manzano, Mary Jazul, Elna Miralles Fabiana, Cristina Yung, Tess Siapno and Cecile Reynales.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Jul 20, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

"Disney Movies in My Mind" was the theme for today's Toastmasters regular meeting.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Seated: Russell Santos, Venneth Santos, Jude Ola and Chloe de Guzman. Standing: Ching Bognot, Marlon Sanchez, Alvin Panghulan, Ed Ramirez, Ellen de Guzman, Cristina Yung and me.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Harbor Toastmasters Club Visit as General Evaluator

It's been a while that DTM Beth Pableo has been inviting me to visit their club, the revitalized Harbor Toastmasters Club. Well, today I did, finally.

Attending in today's meeting at Harbor TMC in the Bureau of Customs venue were (L-R): Ed Ramirez, Giselle, Karina Salazar, Michelle, Cindy Caluyo, Helen Grace Balite, Cecilio Vicente Gallo, Beth Pableo, Marius Landicho, me, Mon Rodriguez, Dolly delos Reyes, Jason Paul Pagala and Rupert Bustamante.

(photo credits: Cindy Caluyo)

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Jul 6, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

It was a fun meeting today at the BF Community TMC, the first meeting for the new Toastmasters year 2019-2020. It was also my first time to wear my new DTM badge.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Seated: Ed Ramirez, me, Pres. Cristina Yung and Jude Ola. Standing: Marlon Sanchez, Margaret Yung, Glendy Artes and son, Venneth Santos, Leonzo Escolar, Tanya Chloe de Guzman, Alvin Panghulan, Renzo Vergel de Dios and Russell Santos. The last 3 standing ladies were just in for the photo-op: Anne Macalintal, Dolly delos Reyes and Tess Siapno.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Division H Council Meeting 2019-2020 Jul 6, 2019

The traffic at Las Piñas City on a Saturday morning was lighter than usual. I attended the Division Council meeting since Division Director Anne Macalintal planned for a photoshoot.

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Division H Turnover from 2018-2019 to 2019-2020

My term as Area Director is about to end (on June 30 to be exact) for the Toastmasters year 2018-2019. And today, we had the Division H Turnover Ceremonies at 7 pm. at the Vivere Hotel Ballroom. This was right after the Club Officers Training 1.

Attending from my home club, the BF Community Toastmasters Club, were (L-R): Seated: Me, Duchess Cruz-Munsayac, Cristina Yung, Marlon Sanchez, Tanya Chloe de Guzman, Ellen de Guzman and Marilyn Malinao. Standing: AD Ed Ramirez, IPDD Dolly delos Reyes and AD Ching Bognot.

(photo credits: Ellen de Guzman)

Club Officers Training 1 of 2019-2020 for Divisions H & K

The scheduled registration for the Club Officers Training 1 was at 8 am. As usual, I was early at the Fluor Daniel venue. BF Community Club President Cristina Yung was there already and so we found a table to chat. Outgoing Logistics Manager Daniel Gorospe (below) was around and joined us a bit.

(photo credits: Division H PRM)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 5th (Second Round Visits)

Today was my last meeting with the QSI Toastmasters Club as Area Director. I was delighted with how well the officers and members have performed as far as their goals were concerned.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Front row: Mary Rose Bahingawan, Melgie Ponchinlan, Jhoan Caraos-Garcia, me, Jan Peter Dichoso, Katherine Morales Hernandez, Rubilynne Bernarte and Martin Bas. Back row: Aldous Cary Pring, Joel Brian dela Cruz, Raymund Pilapil, Patrick Ciudad, Charles Villena, Kyle Fontanilla, Jason Callos, Earl Anthony Teoxon, Mark Clinton Virina, June Rupert Maulion and Daniel Sumague.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Induction of Officers and New Members 2019-2020

After lunch following the the Club Success Planning session in the morning, we held the handover (turnover?) ceremonies at the same venue in Cassalu with me as the Toastmaster of the Day.

The newly inducted officers are (L-R): me (VP-Public Relations), Marlon Sanchez (Treasurer), Jude Ola (Sergeant-at-Arms), Ed Ramirez (Secretary), Alvin Panghulan (VP-Membership), Loise Banez (VP-Education) and Cristina Yung (President).

Club Success Planning for 2019-2020

For the Toastmasters year 2019-2020, we had an early headstart for Club Success Planning. Cassalu was the venue for the planning session held in the morning.

Attending the planning session were the incoming officers (L-R): Loise Banez (VP-Education), Leah Catapia (PP), Ching Bognot (IPP), Jude Ola (SAA), Raul dela Vega (facilitator), Ed Ramirez (Secretary), Cristina Yung (President) and Alvin Panghulan (VP-Membership).

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Club-Hopping at Fluor Master Speakers Toastmasters Club

It's always fun visiting a new club and, today, a new club I visited was the Fluor Master Speakers (FMS) Toastmasters Club of Area 71 at Fluor Daniel, Spectrum Midway in Alabang.

Some of those attending in today's meeting were: Front row (L-R): Nahdiya Zaheer Betonio, Hazel Doydora, Mae Chloe Ramos, Ricky Dave Obias, me, Kennette Joie Pascual and Renz Roe Carillo. Back row (L-R): 2 guests, Leonides Dumlao, Anthony Agustin, Sebedi Busayong and Erickson Flores. These were the ones I recognized from the program.

(photo credits: Nahdiya Betonio)

Proud to Wear the DTM Pin and Badge

Only the worthy can wield Mjolnir and possess the power of Thor. As leaders, we wield our Mjolnir because we were deemed worthy. Yet, we do not stop there. We need to live up to the worthiness everyday.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jun 1, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

I was already on my way to our Toastmasters meeting at 2 pm, when I received a text message from Pres. Ching saying it will be moved to 3 pm instead.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Seated: Leah Catapia, James Isaac Exequiel, Raul dela Vega, me and Ching Bognot. Standing: Jude Ola, Ed Ramirez, Venneth Santos (2nd-time guest), Glendy Artes and son, Leonzo Escolar, Pam Patacsil, Allie Marasigan (1st-time guest), Alvin Panghulan, Tanya Chloe de Guzman, Marilyn Malinao, Renzo Vergel de Dios, Sugar Loise Banez and Ellen de Guzman. Dolly delos Reyes was at the club meeting but had to leave early.

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Club-Hopping at JPhil TMC as Guest Evaluator

It was my first time to visit the JPhil Toastmasters Club today at the Madrigal Business Park in Alabang. Finally!

Upon Pres. Abelle's invitation way back when we first met at Metro South Alabang in 2018, I've been wanting to visit the club. But with Area Director duties for my 5 area clubs and a club I was mentoring, I didn't find the time.

Attending in today's lunch meeting were: (L-R) Genesis Isidro, Leslie Ann Moreno-Marcelino, Abelle Cruz, Ken, Eds Castillo and me.

(photo credits: Genesis Isidro)

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Election of Club Officers for 2019-2020

It was no ordinary Toastmasters meeting today at my home club, the BF Community Toastmasters Club. Today, we had the Election of Club Officers for the Toastmasters year 2019-2020.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): First row: Me, Leonzo Escolar, Ching Bognot, Glendy Artes, Sugar Loise Banez, Ed Ramirez and Cristina Yung. Second row: Russell Santos, Alvin Panghulan, Marilyn Malinao, Beth Pableo, Dolly delos Reyes and Ellen de Guzman. Third row: Pam Patacsil, Leah Catapia, Tanya Chloe de Guzman and Jude Ola. Nelle Cirjules had to leave earlier.

(photo credits: Ching Bognot)

Friday, May 17, 2019

Omega Toastmasters Club Visit - 4th (Second Round Visits)

By the time I arrived at International Pharmaceuticals Inc., I was already running late by 10 minutes. Ed was already there and the meeting was about to start. I later found from the program that it was club officer election day and they wanted to start quickly.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Joshua Villegas, Kathrine Acaylar, guest Janver Romagus, Mario Maghinay, Gabriel Achacoso, Ed Ramirez, Jun Carlo Leop, Edwin Villamor, Jheng Basallo, me, Bam Guilaran, Rendum Domingo, Winston Rodilla and Christian Abad.

(photo credits: Jheng Basallo)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Delivery of DTM Pin in the Mail (Post Office)

Alright. After I received the DTM Badge in the mail last May 3, 2019, I have been awaiting, with bated breath, the DTM Pin.

Well, today, something arrived. No, not the pin, but a claim stub from the postman. Yeah, apparently, this time around, I needed to personally (or by rep) go to the post office and pay Php 112 to claim a parcel. Shown below is the parcel.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

May 4, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

Once in a blue moon, I get to attend a regular club meeting without taking an evaluation role. Such happened at today's meeting when a couple of MSATC stalwarts, Anne and Raul, joined us.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): 1st row: Marlon Sanchez, Ed Ramirez, Anne "Gorgeous" Macalintal, Leah Catapia, Dolly delos Reyes, Ching Bognot, me, Michelle Santos, Russell Santos, Alvin Panghulan, Ellen de Guzman. 2nd row: Leonzo Escolar, Marilyn Malinao, Cristina Yung, Loise Banez, Abelle (guest), Nelle Cirujales. 3rd row: Chloe de Guzman and Raul dela Vega. Eric Advincula delivered a speech but had to leave earlier.

(photo credits: Ching Bognot)

Friday, May 3, 2019

Delivery of DTM Badge in the Mail

Today, I received a package from a courier guy. The dogs were barking and as I looked out, the guy was wedging a package on the gate grills and soon left.

I was surprised that he didn't even wait for someone to retrieve it. When I held it, the package was very lightweight, like it didn't have anything inside. Here's the package.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Suit Jacket or Blazer with Floral Shirt

Some people describe me as one with poor fashion sense. The summer (hot or dry season) had intensified recently and I thought to myself, "hmmm, maybe it's time to take out the floral shirt I have". Haha.

I wasn't sure though if wearing the blazer (or suit jacket) to go with the shirt was a good idea. After all, in all my previous meetings wearing the blazer, I'd have a plain print or plaid shirt underneath.

Also, with the heat, is it even practical to wear the blazer? Well, what the heck, I thought. I have this customized Toastmasters shoulder briefcase bag that I use as a carry-on for my blazer. I'll just keep it there until it's time to take it out.

Apr 6, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

Today's meeting was a bit extraordinary in that we had the Division H champions who came to practice at our club. They will be representing the division in the forthcoming District Contest in Cebu on April 27, 2019.

Attending today's regular meeting were (L-R): Standing: Porsh Maliksi, Annette Tayao, Jude Ola, me, Ed Ramirez, Pam Patacsil, Tzarina Saldana, Rea Muncada, Alvin Panghulan, Chloe de Guzman, Nona Hermogenes, Ida Sih, Raul dela Vega, Ellen de Guzman and Cristina Yung. Seated: Dolly delos Reyes, Ching Bognot and Leah Catapia.

(photo credits: Porsh Maliksi)

Friday, April 5, 2019

Omega Toastmasters Club Visit - 3rd (Second Round Visits)

It's been a while since the Omega last met. I believe their last meeting was in December, 2018 (last year). I did visit the IPI office though just recently to give the pins and trophy earned by Omega Toastmasters.

Attending in today's first meeting for the year were (L-R): Charlie Dar, Christian Abad, guest, Lydie Pancho, Bam Guilaran, Ed Ramirez, Edwin Villamor, Suzette Uy, Dolly delos Reyes, me, Rendum Domingo, Jun Carlo Leop and Joshua Villegas.

(photo credits: Charlie Dar)

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Toastmasters Document Briefcase - Customized!

I've recently found out that the Toastmasters Document Briefcase that was gifted to us (Area Directors) by District Director Benz Lim, could alternate as a garment bag. In other words it would double as a shoulder bag for a suit jacket or blazer.

But if the main compartment would be used for storing the blazer or jacket, then the outside pockets need to be modified a bit to contain other items like documents, notebooks, etc.

As it is, the outside pockets are just that - outside open pockets. There's no cover or closing mechanism that would secure contents and prevent them from sliding or falling out.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Shoulder Bag / Briefcase for Suit Jacket or Blazer

For quite some time now, I've been wearing a blazer (sometimes called a suit jacket) in most of my Toastmasters meetings. This is regardless whether the meeting is in my own home club at BF Community TMC or in other clubs or in Toastmasters events that I visit.

The first time I wore a blazer was when I gave a lecture on Body Language and Gestures at the 2018 Speakers Summit. But the wearing of a blazer became the norm when I did my round of club visits as an Area Director.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Alabang Community Toastmasters Club Visit - 2nd (Second Round Visits)

It's back to the Cafe 8 at the Crimson Hotel for me to visit the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club. This was after visiting the IPI Office to drop off items for the Omega TMC.

Shown below flanking me at the left are ACT Club President Neetu Singh Chadha and Sigma TMC President JD Morales. At the right are Fort Bonifacio TMC President James Isaac Exequiel and Past ACT Club President Loreta de los Reyes.

(photo credits: Ella Coors)

Trophy and Pins Delivered to Omega TMC

It was high time that I gave the Rookies trophy and the membership pins due to some members of the Omega TM. I would have wanted to give these items in a regular Toastmasters meeting but I still don't know when that would be.

Since there was a lull between my Table Topics Talk at the Vivere Hotel and my second club visit to the Alabang Community Toastmasters club, I decided to pay the IPI Office (Omega TMC venue) a visit.

Table Topics Talk for Vivere Speechcraft

It was my first time today to attend a Speechcraft session. This Speechcraft was being organized by Anne Macalintal for the Vivere Hotel staff in Alabang.

Shown below, I'm listening to Ed Ramirez's speech entitled, "Saving the Day". He was the Test Speaker. Raul de la Vega beside me was taking down notes for his evaluation.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ordering the DTM Badge and Pin from Toastmasters

A couple of days ago, I was musing about getting the DTM pin and badge. Well, I finally bit the bullet and said the myself, "I'm gonna get me that Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Badge and Pin."

How about the DTM plaque and the DTM medallion (with pin-back ribbon or neck ribbon), you might ask?

No, not interested. Firstly, I have no office and I've practically no place to hang them. If ever I did, they'd just be gathering dust.

Also, who wears that DTM medallion, anyway? Certainly, not here where I am. It kinda looks goofy for club meetings. It may look good on a captain of ship for a gala dinner, or maybe the graduate who's just been awarded at school or a contest.

Secondly, I think the badge and the pin are way cooler. They look more elegant and I can wear them anytime to Toastmasters meetings or events if I wanted to.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

DTM Badge and Pin - Worth Getting?

When once I was thumbing through the product catalog long before its online shop counterpart, I was fascinated at the pins and badges that were promoted.

Occasionally, I would receive recognition pins as awards. Of course, I was happy that I received them. I probably wore them once or twice in meetings, but that was it. Thereafter, they've been stored away somewhere.

But a DTM pin? And a DTM badge? Now, those are something else.

(photo credits:

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 4th (Second Round Visits)

Although we started a bit late in today's meeting (room was occupied), I thought the club meeting was productive and enjoyable.

Attending today's club meeting were (L-R): Jay Recomendable, Aldous Pring, me, guest Jayson, Mark Viriña, guest John, Noel Marcelino, Tess Sulapas, Joel dela Cruz, Jannine Montesines, Martin Bas and Norman Paje.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Mar 2, 2019 Open House Meeting - Part 2

With the success of the first Open House meeting held last Sep 22, 2018, the BF Community Club held another Open House meeting today.

Attending the Second Open House meeting were club members and guests. Seated (L-R): Roma, Cristina Yung, Duchess Marie Munsayac, Sugar Loise Bañez, Ching Bognot and Leah Catapia. Standing: Chloe de Guzman, John Wallis, Ellen de Guzman, Glenn Desquitado, Mimi, James Exequiel (Fort Bonifacio), Earl, Julie Ann Lumaban, Glendy Artes, Basher Toboot (Maharlika), Gigi Santos, Nelson Salazar (Alabang Community), me, Porsh, Camille and Marlon Sanchez.

(photo credits: Duchess Munsayac)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Division H Toastmasters Speech Contest 2018-2019

Once again, the BF Community Toastmasters Club showed its full support, this time for its contestants at the Division H Contest held at the Willis Towers Watson in BGC, Taguig City.

Shown below are the delegates from the BF Community Toastmasters Club (L-R): Front: Ellen de Guzman, Julie Ann Lumaban, Sugar Loise Bañez, Leah Catapia, Russell Santos, Ching Bognot, Glendy Artes with son, and Ed Ramirez. Back: Chloe de Guzman, Cristina Yung, Beth Pableo, me, Jude Ola and Mark Nuqui.

(photo credits: Sigma Toastmasters Club)

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Feb 16, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting - Manage Projects Successfully, Second Speech

After being absent in the last meeting to attend my High School's 40th Year Anniversary reunion, I attended today's meeting ready to deliver my second speech entitled, "By the Book", to complete my Level 4 of Innovative Planning.

Attending today's club meeting were (L-R), Seated: Me, Glendy Artes, Rema Manzano, Ching Bognot, Leah Catapia, Cristina Yung and Ellen de Guzman. Standing: Jude Ola, Gigi Santos, Julie Ann Lumaban, Mark Nuqui, Alvin Panghulan, Marlon Sanchez, Raul de la Vega, Chloe de Guzman, Ed Ramirez and Russell Santos.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Manage Projects Successfully 2nd Speech-Sample IP4, "By the Book"

This is my 19th prepared speech under Pathways. The speech was delivered at the BF Community TMC in Las Piñas City in the Feb 16, 2019 Toastmasters Club Meeting.

By the Book
(Manage Projects Successfully 2nd Speech, Feb 16, 2019, BF Community TMC, Cassalu Restaurant, Las Piñas City. Evaluated by Rema Manzano DTM)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Joint Area Contest for Division H (2018-2019) - Jan 26, 2019

From the club contest level, the club winners advanced to the Joint Area Contest today. That means clubs under the different areas will be competing against each other.

Shown below are the delegates from the BF Community Toastmasters Club (L-R): Duchess Marie Cruz Munsayac, Leah Catapia, Ching Bognot, Sugar Loise Banez, Russell Santos, me and Ed Ramirez.

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Charter Installation of First Balfour Toastmasters Club

At long last, the First Balfour Toastmasters Club had their Charter Presentation and Installation today. This was a few months after we, the demo team, gave a Demo Meeting for First Balfour last Oct.26, 2018.

Attending as guests in today's Charter Presentation were (L-R, seated): Area 71 Director JK, me (representing Div H Director Dolly), ACT VP-Education Lolet de los Reyes, ACT VP-Membership Estrella Coors and her guest.

(photo credits: Adrienne Nicole Bernal)

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Jan 19, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting - Manage Projects Successfully, First Speech

It was our first regular club meeting for the year 2019 today, although we just met at the recently concluded Club Contest last Jan. 5, 2019. Some of us even met each other in the recent Club Officers Training 2 last Jan. 12, 2019.

Those who attended in today's meeting were (L-R): Lorenzo Vergel de Dios, me, Nona Hermogenes, Leah Catapia, guest Tess, guest Atsuko, Bea Indonto, Loise Banez, Ed Ramirez, Marlon Sanchez, Jude Ola, Russell Santos and Ching Bognot.

(photo credits: Marlon Sanchez)

Manage Projects Successfully 1st Speech-Sample IP4, "A Successful Club Contest"

This is my 18th prepared speech under Pathways. The speech was delivered at the BF Community TMC in Las Piñas City in the Jan 19, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting.

A Successful Club Contest by Jan 5, 2019
(Manage Projects Successfully 1st Speech, Jan 19, 2019, BF Community TMC, Cassalu Restaurant, Las Piñas City. Evaluated by Nona Hermogenes DTM)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Continental Manila Toastmasters Club 4th Visit

The order of the today's meeting was the reintroduction of the Pathways Learning Sessions to the club members. It did catch me a little off guard though because I thought it would be a regular meeting.

Some of the club members, two of them speakers, had conflict with today's meeting and had to beg off. But was I disappointed because of the last minute change in agenda? Not at all!

(photo credits: Jeffrey Lim)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Club Officers Training 2 of 2018-2019 for Divisions H & K

Attending the Club Officers Training 2 from the BF Community Toastmasters Club were eight members: Ching, Ed, Loise, me, Cristina, Dolly, Duchess and Marlon. We were the biggest delegation in the training, second only to the host club, the Dasmariñas City Toastmasters Club.

(photo credits: Ching Bognot)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

BF Community Toastmasters Club Contest 2008-2019

It was a two thumbs-up for me as we concluded the Speech Contests for BF Community Toastmasters Club today at the club's regular venue in Las Piñas City. Our efforts to prepare for this in the Dec.22 Club Contest Planning with Pres. Ching paid off!

Attending the club contest were (L-R): Standing: DTM Nona Hermogenes (Test Speaker), Leah Catapia, Nelle Cirujales, Ed Ramirez, Marlyn Malinao, guest Bianza Escolar, Russell Santos, AD Anne Macalintal, DTM Raul de la Vega, Loise Bañez, Bea Indonto, Leonzo Escolar and me. Seated: Ching Bognot, Dolly de los Reyes, Duchess Munsayac, DTM Rema Manzano, Cristina Yung and DTM Beth Pableo.

(photo credits: BF Community TMC)

Friday, January 4, 2019

Toastmasters Document Briefcase from District Director

During the Power Dressing Seminar, Division Director Dolly handed to me what looked like a small package.

When I opened it, the package turned out to be a Toastmasters Document Briefcase. And inside the briefcase were a couple of promotional bookmarks and button pins. The package was a gift from our District 75 Director, Benz Lim.

As of this writing, the item description as advertised in the TI website is shown below: