Friday, April 5, 2019

Omega Toastmasters Club Visit - 3rd (Second Round Visits)

It's been a while since the Omega last met. I believe their last meeting was in December, 2018 (last year). I did visit the IPI office though just recently to give the pins and trophy earned by Omega Toastmasters.

Attending in today's first meeting for the year were (L-R): Charlie Dar, Christian Abad, guest, Lydie Pancho, Bam Guilaran, Ed Ramirez, Edwin Villamor, Suzette Uy, Dolly delos Reyes, me, Rendum Domingo, Jun Carlo Leop and Joshua Villegas.

(photo credits: Charlie Dar)

Early Birds

Both Dolly and I were early for today's meeting. While waiting for the room to be set up, we both had some good storytelling discussions at the IPI Office Lobby. We talked about career veers and continuing higher education.

We talked about transitioning from teaching to corporate life as what she did in moving to a business development position in an architectural firm. Very good English writing skills turned out to be an advantage for her.

Starting Late

The club meeting started late, hoping to wait for Pres. Edwin (who was in a business meeting). There were two prepared speakers today. Bam Guilaran had the speech, "Puny Chick" while Jun Carlo Leop had "Dreams". Pres. Edwin was able to catch up.

Table Topics Wheel of Fortune

It was interesting to note that the club made use of an application projected on screen that showed a "wheel of fortune". Names of the members were on the tabs and when the wheel stopped spinning, that determined who will be the respondent.

Knowing how some members avoided being called, that application may well be called "Wheel of Misfortune". Haha. But much to their credit, none of the members refused or backed out from responding.

Everybody seemed surprised that the table topics that were given by Topicsmaster Christian Abad were single words. Those who responded included (L-R) Charlie Dar ("Challenges"), Edwin Villamor ("Fear"), Joshua Villegas ("Failure") and Suzette Uy ("Success").

General Evaluation

Although, originally, I volunteered to be Prepared Speech Evaluator, I ended up being the General Evaluator in today's meeting. Below, Ed Ramirez as Table Topics Evaluator, evaluated the Topicsmaster and the respondents, while I listened at the side.

(photo credits: Bam Guilaran)

As I learned that some had a bit of difficulty with the one-word Table Topics, I advise the audience to frame the topic into a question.

For instance "Success' - try to define it. What does success mean to you? Or maybe "Fear", ask the question, "How does fear affect you?". By framing the single-word topic into a question, you may be able to draft a response much more easily.

Free Dinner

After the meeting, the club provided food! Below, Gab started clearing the table while the rest helped out in taking out the food and utensils. We had Pancit, Pichi-Pichi and Puto. That's a lot of P's. Haha.

Partially shown on the table above is a shoulder bag I use for Toastmasters meetings. This is a Toastmasters document briefcase given by District Director Benz Lim as a gift to Area Directors.

Other Photos

Here's the scanned program for today's meeting.

And that's... a wrap!