Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Club-Hopping at NXP Philips, Calamba - A Dramatic Talk

Today, I was given a Toastmasters token (pen holder that looks like a lectern) by Area Governor Carina "Bobbie" Galang while club hopping at NXP TMC in Calamba, Laguna. These tokens were handed out in a recent convention I was unable to attend.

I also delivered the Dramatic Talk speech entitled "A Christmas Ride With My Kawasaki Girl". This is one of a few club-hopping sessions I did with NXP (Philips Semiconductors) in Calamba.

A Dramatic Talk-Sample Speech, "A Christmas Ride With My Kawasaki Girl"

This speech was delivered at the NXP Toastmasters Club in their December 12, 2006 Toastmasters Meeting.

A Christmas Ride with My Kawasaki Girl
(A Dramatic Talk, Speech Project #4 in The Entertaining Speaker Manual, Dec.12,2006, NXP Toastmasters Club, Philips Semiconductors, Calamba, Laguna. Evaluated by Bobbie Galang, ATM-S)


Hello! Is there anyone here who ever had a chance to ride an ambulance? Not a parked, stationary ambulance, but a live ambulance with the lights blinking and the sirens blaring (gesture lights and sirens).

(If someone answers, ask if as a patient or passenger) Well, to those who have not had the chance to ride one, let me ask you this. Do you find it infuriating when an ambulance zigzags through traffic and pushes its way like a bully, only for you to find that there is no patient and no passenger inside? It’s just the ambulance driver driving like a bully?

Long ago, I had that feeling. But that was until I personally had the chance to ride an ambulance myself. Good evening everyone.