Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mar 15, 2006 Toastmasters Meeting - How to Say It

My recent speech topic has become a bit old and tired and so I came up with a new one for the How to Say It speech project. For this speech, I spoke about the Superkalan, a cooking device that my wife and I recently purchased. I felt excited about this device and wanted to discuss its merits in this speech entitled, "Fueling the Cooking".

How to Say It-Sample Speech, "Fueling the Cooking"

Fueling the Cooking
(How to Say It - Speech Project #4 in the Competent Communication Manual, Mar.15,2006, ON Semiconductor. Evaluated by Dan Benig, CTM)


I’d like to ask the audience. Are there mothers here? Anybody else here cooks? Those who consider the kitchen their domain? Well, I don’t cook.

But for those of us who do cook, or for those who are attuned to cooking fuel prices, we complain on how fuel prices have gone up in recent years. I mean, how much does an LPG tank cost nowadays? Anybody know?

In today’s spiraling cost of cooking fuel prices, we just have to become creative and resourceful. What I’ll be sharing with you will most definitely interest you. I will tell you how our household was able to cut cooking fuel expenses by at least 50% last year.