Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jun 27, 2015 Toastmasters Meeting

Took on a Speech Evaluator role for the June 27, 2015 ACT club meeting held at Amici Restaurant, ATC, Alabang. Guests included Jared Remulta and GM Doug Chaffee. Both are from Microchip and were observing the Toastmasters meeting. This would be the basis for the Microchip Demo Meeting at their office in Alabang.

Below left: Jared Remulta, Les and Myles Orense.
Below right: Tetet Salazar, Doug Chaffee, Jared and Les.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jun 13, 2015 Toastmasters Meeting - The Motivational Speech

Delivered my 5th advanced speech project, The Motivational Speech, from The Professional Speaker manual. The speech, entitled "Earn Google Dollars with Blogs", was delivered at Amici Restaurant, ATC, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

(Shown below: Guests, Raul, Les, guest, Tetet, Lolet, Jan Mangahas, Ian, Inah, Anne and Myles Orense)

The Motivational Speech-Sample Speech, "Earn Google Dollars with Blogs"

This speech was delivered at the Alabang Community Toastmasters club in the June 13, 2015 Toastmasters Meeting.

Earn Google Dollars with Blogs
(The Motivational Speech, Advanced Speech Project #5 in The Professional Speaker Manual, Jun.13,2015, ACT Club, Amici Restaurant, Alabang. Evaluated by Raul dela Vega, DTM)


Good afternoon fellow Toastmasters. A couple of months ago I posted a status update on Facebook showing two pictures. (show the facebook pictures) Some of you here have seen these pictures, and they seem to have generated a bit of interest. Although these pictures were posted 2 months ago, they were actually taken 5 years ago.