Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jun 27, 2006 Presentation Skills Training - Persuade with Power

My prepared speech today is entitled, "Jewels at the Podium" for the Persuade with Power speech project. The title is a play on words on a currently rating Korea-novela with the title "Jewels in the Palace". This speech is about tips in public speaking, hence it was quite relevant to the audience.

The audience was composed of engineers and management employees who were attending a presentation skills workshop. Many in the audience related well with the topic as shown by the visible interest on their faces.

The evaluator, Doc Noy, found the speech very appropriate to the audience. The outline is very clear. He also noted a beautiful quotation: "Relaxation in speech delivery happens during the actual presentation." It is a manifestation of a series of practice beforehand. Previously learned skills were incorporated in this project.

A praiseworthy comment I received for this speech was "You're a STAR of ON Semiconductor TMC!". It is rather ironic that this month, June, may be the last month that the club would remain "active" in TI's records. Regular meetings have stopped and it's unlikely the club will renew.

So sad and so anticlimactic.

Persuade with Power-Sample Speech, "Jewels at the Podium"

Jewels at the Podium
(Persuade with Power - Speech Project #9 in the Competent Communication Manual, Jun.27,2006, ON Semiconductor. Evaluated by Dr. Noy Josef, ATM-G)


Two weeks ago, a friend of mine, Alex, learned that I was working towards my CTM certification or Competent Toastmaster certification. He also learned that I’ve delivered speeches in other toastmaster clubs with different audiences in different venues.

He was amazed! He said “Wow, you probably don’t get stage fright anymore.” Well, I thought about the question for a while and I answered. “You know, actually, I still do. I don’t think it goes away.

Stage fright only shows that you’d like to do well and care enough to deliver a good speech. The key is to manage stage fright so you control it rather than it controlling you.”

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Demo Meeting for HSBC - Get Comfortable with Visual Aids

Tonight, I was part of the Demo Team that showcased the Toastmasters experience at HSBC. This is the BPO site in Alabang. I actually made a mistake and went to the HSBC bank center instead. It's a good thing that in events like these, I typically leave early to get to the destination with enough time to spare.

The speech I delivered was the Get Comfortable with Visual Aids speech project. For this, I repeated an old speech. I also prepared a nice Powerpoint presentation for my visual aids (multimedia). Evaluating me was Lt.Gov. for Marketing, Gina Mapua.

She particularly liked the visual aids (which I worked hard for, especially the transitions). This speech was a reality check on memorized speeches. Gina obviously noticed it was memorized. I couldn't help it as I practiced and delivered this speech more than I wanted already. She did suggest to use my own words on the subject matter that I knew very well.

Get Comfortable with Visual Aids-Sample Speech, "The Devil's Gardens"

The Devil's Gardens
(Get Comfortable with Visual Aids - Speech Project #8 in the Competent Communication Manual, Jun.1,2006, HSBC Call Center Alabang Demo Meeting. Evaluated by Gina Mapua, DTM)


The Devil’s Gardens. What thoughts does the phrase evoke for you? Could it be the name of a religious ritual? Another Dan Brown moneymaker perhaps? – ala Da Vinci Code? No… no… It’s none of those. (long pause)

What I’m about to tell you is a strange phenomenon that takes place deep in the heart of the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Western Peru.