Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Meeting at the New Rel Lab Office

Attending today's meeting were: Gerry Ong, Mic Tuason and me. Discussed briefly was a meeting to be scheduled in mid-December which will be the venue for an initial convention of those interested in joining Toastmasters. The media campaign was also briefly discussed. In addition, officers will also be talking personally with engineers as prospective members for the club.

Here's a sample of the flyers and will be the first to be posted on the bulletin board:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Meeting at Alfie's Room

Attending today's On Semiconductor Club meeting were: Alfie Suarez, Dan Benig, Gerry Ong and me. The survey drafted by Dan was sent out yesterday and the results were discussed today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Meeting at Onsemi ER Room

At the Onsemi ER room, a meeting was held to discuss possible action items regarding the problems plaguing the Toastmasters club. This was brought about by the issue of still un-renewed club dues for October, 2006.

An email was sent by Area Governor Carina "Bobbie" Galang on this. Attending the meeting were Officers Gerry Ong, Mic Tuason, Dan Benig and myself. Also in the meeting was HR Mgr Alfie Suarez. Some of the items discussed was whether and how better can the club serve the needs of employees.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Club-Hopping at KCPI - Make Them Laugh

Taking a photo of the Kimberly-Clark Phils. (KCPI) Toastmasters Club where I was Guest Evaluator. Also delivered the speech entitled "Motel 101", Advanced Speech #3 - Make Them Laugh Speech, from The Entertaining Speaker Manual. With back to the camera is Club President Jess Mariano. The seated ladies facing the camera are Leonor "Norrie" Cristobal and Hanika Dimaano.

Make Them Laugh-Sample Speech, "Motel 101"

This speech was delivered at the Kimberly-Clark Phils. Toastmasters Club in their November 6, 2006 Toastmasters Meeting.

Motel 101
(Make Them Laugh, Advanced Speech Project #3 in The Entertaining Speaker Manual, Nov.6,2006, Kimberly-Clark Phils., San Pedro, Laguna. Evaluated by Leonor Cristobal)


Good Evening Toastmasters!

You guys still remember my recent wonderful speech entitled “That Extra Mile”, right? That speech was my contest piece where I told the story of my first time to ride a plane, go to the U.S. and meet an incredible person by the name of Jim Bradley. Yes?

Now, if you remember, after helping me at the airport, Jim helped me register in a motel just for an overnight stay. So you still remember it up to that point.