Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan 25, 2006 Toastmasters Meeting - Organize Your Speech

After a delightfully satisfying assessment of my Ice Breaker, I decided to follow-up on my first speech with a second one, the Organize Your Speech project. This second speech project in entitled "The Devil's Gardens". The topic came from an article in the National Geographic.

Unfortunately, the assigned evaluator for me, Roxy Borromeo, was unable to attend. Nonetheless, General Evaluator Elaine Aviola, gave a comprehensive evaluation.

Organize Your Speech-Sample Speech, "The Devil's Gardens"

The Devil's Gardens
(Organize Your Speech - Speech #2 in the Competent Communication Manual, Jan.25,2006, ON Semiconductor. Evaluated by Elaine Aviola, ATM-G)


The Devil’s Gardens. What thoughts does the phrase bring to you? Could it be a novel about the occult? How about a movie about a religious ritual? No… no… It’s none of those.

(long pause) What I’m about to tell you is a strange phenomenon that takes place deep in the heart of the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest in Western Peru.