Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan 25, 2006 Toastmasters Meeting - Organize Your Speech

After a delightfully satisfying assessment of my Ice Breaker, I decided to follow-up on my first speech with a second one, the Organize Your Speech project. This second speech project in entitled "The Devil's Gardens". The topic came from an article in the National Geographic.

Unfortunately, the assigned evaluator for me, Roxy Borromeo, was unable to attend. Nonetheless, General Evaluator Elaine Aviola, gave a comprehensive evaluation.

Evaluation on Speech #2

  • The topic is rather arcane (which fortunately, the evaluator likes)
  • Introduction is intriguing. The body was like a jigsaw puzzle that was solved.
  • Organized intro, body and conclusion with good and smooth transitions in the body.
  • Vivid descriptions and maintained the eeriness til the end.

  • Conclusion seemed abrupt. Refer back to intro. Start and end the same way - intriguing. Example ending - "Fact or fiction?"
  • There was a slight distraction in delivery, but recovered well.
  • Beautifully written story.
  • The delivery captured audience and gripped them.

One more thing from the Ah Counter... No ah's !!!

Below is the scanned copy of the program meeting.

And that's... a wrap!