Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dec 2, 2017 Toastmasters Meeting - Creating the Best Club Climate Talk

Today, I finally delivered my last requirement for the ALB award (Advanced Leader Bronze). This is the 10-15 minute talk on "Creating the Best Club Climate" presentation from the Successful Club Series of Toastmasters. The theme for today was "So Good I Can't Explain It".

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

I also evaluated Ed Ramirez for his Icebreaker speech.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Creating the Best Club Climate

This presentation is part of The Successful Club Series and offers techniques for creating and maintaining a healthy club environment.

The Successful Club Series address the quality of club meetings and offer tips on attracting and maintaining members. This is where members will learn about skills and standards they must strive to achieve a successful club.

The following educational talk on "Creating the Best Club Climate" was presented to the BF Community Toastmasters Club in the December 2, 2017 Toastmasters Meeting at MMCP, Las PiƱas City.