Saturday, March 16, 2019

Alabang Community Toastmasters Club Visit - 2nd (Second Round Visits)

It's back to the Cafe 8 at the Crimson Hotel for me to visit the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club. This was after visiting the IPI Office to drop off items for the Omega TMC.

Shown below flanking me at the left are ACT Club President Neetu Singh Chadha and Sigma TMC President JD Morales. At the right are Fort Bonifacio TMC President James Isaac Exequiel and Past ACT Club President Loreta de los Reyes.

(photo credits: Ella Coors)

Trophy and Pins Delivered to Omega TMC

It was high time that I gave the Rookies trophy and the membership pins due to some members of the Omega TM. I would have wanted to give these items in a regular Toastmasters meeting but I still don't know when that would be.

Since there was a lull between my Table Topics Talk at the Vivere Hotel and my second club visit to the Alabang Community Toastmasters club, I decided to pay the IPI Office (Omega TMC venue) a visit.

Table Topics Talk for Vivere Speechcraft

It was my first time today to attend a Speechcraft session. This Speechcraft was being organized by Anne Macalintal for the Vivere Hotel staff in Alabang.

Shown below, I'm listening to Ed Ramirez's speech entitled, "Saving the Day". He was the Test Speaker. Raul de la Vega beside me was taking down notes for his evaluation.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ordering the DTM Badge and Pin from Toastmasters

A couple of days ago, I was musing about getting the DTM pin and badge. Well, I finally bit the bullet and said the myself, "I'm gonna get me that Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Badge and Pin."

How about the DTM plaque and the DTM medallion (with pin-back ribbon or neck ribbon), you might ask?

No, not interested. Firstly, I have no office and I've practically no place to hang them. If ever I did, they'd just be gathering dust.

Also, who wears that DTM medallion, anyway? Certainly, not here where I am. It kinda looks goofy for club meetings. It may look good on a captain of ship for a gala dinner, or maybe the graduate who's just been awarded at school or a contest.

Secondly, I think the badge and the pin are way cooler. They look more elegant and I can wear them anytime to Toastmasters meetings or events if I wanted to.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

DTM Badge and Pin - Worth Getting?

When once I was thumbing through the product catalog long before its online shop counterpart, I was fascinated at the pins and badges that were promoted.

Occasionally, I would receive recognition pins as awards. Of course, I was happy that I received them. I probably wore them once or twice in meetings, but that was it. Thereafter, they've been stored away somewhere.

But a DTM pin? And a DTM badge? Now, those are something else.

(photo credits:

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 4th (Second Round Visits)

Although we started a bit late in today's meeting (room was occupied), I thought the club meeting was productive and enjoyable.

Attending today's club meeting were (L-R): Jay Recomendable, Aldous Pring, me, guest Jayson, Mark Viriña, guest John, Noel Marcelino, Tess Sulapas, Joel dela Cruz, Jannine Montesines, Martin Bas and Norman Paje.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Mar 2, 2019 Open House Meeting - Part 2

With the success of the first Open House meeting held last Sep 22, 2018, the BF Community Club held another Open House meeting today.

Attending the Second Open House meeting were club members and guests. Seated (L-R): Roma, Cristina Yung, Duchess Marie Munsayac, Sugar Loise Bañez, Ching Bognot and Leah Catapia. Standing: Chloe de Guzman, John Wallis, Ellen de Guzman, Glenn Desquitado, Mimi, James Exequiel (Fort Bonifacio), Earl, Julie Ann Lumaban, Glendy Artes, Basher Toboot (Maharlika), Gigi Santos, Nelson Salazar (Alabang Community), me, Porsh, Camille and Marlon Sanchez.

(photo credits: Duchess Munsayac)