Saturday, March 16, 2019

Table Topics Talk for Vivere Speechcraft

It was my first time today to attend a Speechcraft session. This Speechcraft was being organized by Anne Macalintal for the Vivere Hotel staff in Alabang.

Shown below, I'm listening to Ed Ramirez's speech entitled, "Saving the Day". He was the Test Speaker. Raul de la Vega beside me was taking down notes for his evaluation.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

Here's the other side of the room. The participants were later asked on the manner how he (Raul) evaluated Ed's speech.

This was the second session of the Speechcraft. It will run for a total of five Saturdays.

Table Topics Talk

My part in today's Speechcraft session was to give a short lecture on Table Topics. The slides were provided by Raul dela Vega and Anne Macalintal (Thanx, Raul and Anne). I just developed the talking points.

I discussed only three table topic patterns (as suggested by Raul): PREP (Point-Reason-Example-Point), SMG (Story-Message-Gain) and PPF (Past-Present-Future). After the discussion of each pattern, there was an activity portion.

I demonstrated, by way of a sample table topic, the pattern. I asked the Timer to time me (1-2 minutes). I then read out another table topic and called for a volunteer.

The Table Topics portion turned out quite well as I thought the Vivere audience found it engaging. They were a bit quiet at the start though and so I used easy-to-answer table topics.

The topic I used to demonstrate all three speech patterns was "What is your favorite vacation place in the country?". Yes, that meant answering the topic using PREP, SMG and PPF.

For the audience, I called out the following topics:
  1. "What is your favorite color?" - PREP
    It was HR's Ronna who gamely stood up to give a mini-speech why white is her favorite color.
  2. "If you had to teach something, what would you teach?" - SMG
    Took a bit long to get a volunteer for this one. After an incentive from HR for a free lunch, Aries stood up and gave a story about his interest in teaching Fitness.
  3. "What life lesson did you learn the hard way?" - PPF
    This took longer, so I asked Aries to call out a name and he volunteered Ferdinand who gave a story about a struggle with family relationships.

It was to me a fun activity and enjoyed it very much. I believe everyone else did too. If there was something that I need to do better next time is that I position the presentation laptop to face me.

This way, I wouldn't have to turn my back to the audience when I look at the screen behind me. It will also allow the receiver usb to easily respond to my clicker-pointer.

Grammarian Role

Another role I took was that of Grammarian. Here, I'm using my handy-dandy highlighter pen to emphasize the points that I wanted to deliver in my Grammarian's Report.

Ironically, it seems it was only me who didn't get to use the word-of-the-day which was APLOMB. Haha. Ah well, next time.

From the Vivere Hotel, I went straight to the IPI Office in Las PiƱas City to deliver a trophy and membership pins to the Omega TMC.

Here's the scanned copy of today's Speechcraft program.

And that's... a wrap!