Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ordering the DTM Badge and Pin from Toastmasters

A couple of days ago, I was musing about getting the DTM pin and badge. Well, I finally bit the bullet and said the myself, "I'm gonna get me that Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Badge and Pin."

How about the DTM plaque and the DTM medallion (with pin-back ribbon or neck ribbon), you might ask?

No, not interested. Firstly, I have no office and I've practically no place to hang them. If ever I did, they'd just be gathering dust.

Also, who wears that DTM medallion, anyway? Certainly, not here where I am. It kinda looks goofy for club meetings. It may look good on a captain of ship for a gala dinner, or maybe the graduate who's just been awarded at school or a contest.

Secondly, I think the badge and the pin are way cooler. They look more elegant and I can wear them anytime to Toastmasters meetings or events if I wanted to.

Cost of the Toastmasters Badge and Pin

The DTM badge and pin as shown above each costs $8.00. So, for the two items, I'm ordering, that'll be $16.00 for both of them. In our currency at present rates, that would be around Php 840.

The DTM badge has an "Engraving" button option which will allow you to customize the name you want printed on the DTM badge. Pressing this button will lead you to the screen where you specify your name as well as the club name and number.

The names you specify here will be printed on the DTM badge free of charge. That's right. Engraving is inclusive of the cost of $8.00 for the badge.

The New Toastmasters Badge Looks Better

For a moment there, while placing the order, I feared the text to be printed will be colored black as shown above. It won't be easily readable and just didn't look right.

Good thing I was wrong. The text will be printed as white over the burgundy (or red or whatever color TI calls it) background with rays. There is a nice contrast and is easily readable.

I remember the old DTM badge with the old Toastmasters logo. It looked all nice and shiny with its gold color. The text however was black.

Because the old badge was gold and shiny, its shimmering surface reflected the surroundings, almost like a mirror. That made it difficult to read the wearer's name. It was only when you looked very closely that you could read the name.

Total Cost Plus Shipping

As shown below, total cost would amount to $28. That's because of the shipping cost of $12.30. To me, that's a lot for a pin and badge.

Well, anything that is ordered from Toastmasters International becomes MORE expensive because of shipping. I no longer went to the "express handling" route because that would make it even more expensive. I wasn't in a hurry anyway.

And that's the reason why I ordered the badge and pins as early as today, even if my norm as DTM will only come by July, 2019. I'm just assuming that the lead time will be ENOUGH for me to get the badge and pin EARLY.

So once I officially get my norm, I'd have the badge and pin READY.

UPDATE as of March 15, 2019

Just three days after I ordered, I saw the DTM badge order with the "PackingSlipPrinted" status. Wow, that was fast. I assume the engraving has been done too.

But for some strange reason, the DTM pin status says "NotFulfilled". What the heck does that mean? Not available? No inventory?

Somebody at TI knows I've not fulfilled the DTM requirements yet? Haha. It isn't a customized item like the badge so it baffles me why it's taking so long.

UPDATE as of April 20, 2019

The DTM badge order has been shipped, but still, the DTM pin's status remains to be "NotFulfilled".

UPDATE as of April 29, 2019

Finally, the status for the DTM pin has now changed to "PackingSlipPrinted".

UPDATE as of April 30, 2019

Finally, the DTM pin is on its way.

UPDATE as of May 3, 2019

The DTM Badge finally arrived.

UPDATE as of May 16, 2019

The DTM Pin finally arrived.