Friday, May 3, 2019

Delivery of DTM Badge in the Mail

Today, I received a package from a courier guy. The dogs were barking and as I looked out, the guy was wedging a package on the gate grills and soon left.

I was surprised that he didn't even wait for someone to retrieve it. When I held it, the package was very lightweight, like it didn't have anything inside. Here's the package.

The label had a dead giveaway clue where it came from. Seeing "IP4" at the end of my name, I knew it was a package from Toastmasters. IP4 is my current norm - Level 4 of the Innovative Planning path.

Could this be my DTM badge I ordered last March 12? Opening the plastic packaging revealed a UPS box shown below.

On the other side of the box was the label saying it came from a certain RR Donnelly of H & N Printing and Graphics in the U.S. Okay, it sounds like a supplier who makes badges.

I've never ordered from Toastmasters before and so I thought I'd see Toastmasters International on the label. But no.

Inside the box was the packing list sheet. And yes, it showed right there that it was the DTM Badge with the magnetic back. Woohoo!!!

And... here it is, after I took it out from a plastic sleeve. Nice one, huh!

Here's the other side of the badge, showing the magnetic back. The magnet is quite strong! I don't think you could dislodge it easily from its place on a shirt or jacket.

Gosh, I'm just so happy that I was able to catch the courier guy before he left. Otherwise, the package might have fallen and my trusty dogs would've shredded the box (and the badge!) into pieces.

Feeling good today. haha.