Friday, May 17, 2019

Omega Toastmasters Club Visit - 4th (Second Round Visits)

By the time I arrived at International Pharmaceuticals Inc., I was already running late by 10 minutes. Ed was already there and the meeting was about to start. I later found from the program that it was club officer election day and they wanted to start quickly.

Attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Joshua Villegas, Kathrine Acaylar, guest Janver Romagus, Mario Maghinay, Gabriel Achacoso, Ed Ramirez, Jun Carlo Leop, Edwin Villamor, Jheng Basallo, me, Bam Guilaran, Rendum Domingo, Winston Rodilla and Christian Abad.

(photo credits: Jheng Basallo)

Club President Edwin (below-left) was there and called the meeting to order. VP-Ed Gab Achacoso delivered the Invocation and Pledge. The Toastmaster of the Evening was Kat Acaylar (below-right).

Idiom of the Day

Typically, a club meeting's Grammarian would have a word-of-the-day. Today, we had an idiom, for a change.

Introducing the Word or Idiom of the Day was Bryce Krisna Guilaran (below) and the idiom was "Turn over a new leaf". I was lucky to have used the idiom twice. It came naturally in my evaluation of two speakers.

Why? Because a recommendation to improve as part of the evaluation always meant "to turn over a new leaf".

Prepared Speeches Ahead of Table Topics

The club meeting's educational portion started off with the Prepared Speeches rather than the usual Table Topics. The first prepared speaker was Christian Abad (below-left) with a speech on depression.

The second was Joshua Villegas and the third, Jheng Basallo. I evaluated both Christian and Jheng.

Table Topics with a Grab Bag Slide

The Topicsmaster of the Day was Jun Carlo Leop (above-right). He used the "Grab Bag" technique for Table Topics. But instead of using an actual bag, he had the objects flashed on the screen and the respondents called randomly.

There was only one topic for all, and it was "how do you describe yourself with reference to the object?"

The respondents were: Rendum Domingo (below-left) using a packaging tape as an object for preparation. Bam Guilaran (below-right) was the second with a sharpener for sharpening one's skills.

The third respondent was Mario Maghinay with a notebook planner for planning activities. The fourth respondent was Kat Acaylar with a scissor for cutting off unhealthy relationships.

The fifth respondent was Ed Ramirez (below-left) with a stapler for joining or mending problematic situations.

After the Educational and Evaluation Portions, Club President Edwin Villamor (above-right) opened the floor for Election/ Appointments of New Officers. Several officers were appointed and it was Jheng Basallo who was appointed Incoming Omega Club President for Toastmasters Year 2019-2020.

After the entire meeting, dinner was served in the room. Shown below, the group (except Ed, haha!) was intense in prayers before meals.

We had yummy dinner of Misua soup, Okra with bagoong and big servings of Fried Chicken and rice. Thank you, Omega Toastmasters Club!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!