Thursday, May 16, 2019

Delivery of DTM Pin in the Mail (Post Office)

Alright. After I received the DTM Badge in the mail last May 3, 2019, I have been awaiting, with bated breath, the DTM Pin.

Well, today, something arrived. No, not the pin, but a claim stub from the postman. Yeah, apparently, this time around, I needed to personally (or by rep) go to the post office and pay Php 112 to claim a parcel. Shown below is the parcel.

The postman came at around 10 am. The post office window indicated on the claim card said it was open from 8 am to 11:30 am. Alrighty. There was enough time and so I decided to go to Starmall Alabang branch of the Post Office to claim the parcel.

DH wanted to tag along and go to the Alabang Market. Okay, fine.

Claiming the parcel was a breeze. There was no queue at the parcel line and I was able to claim the package quickly, after paying Php 112, of course.

The "From:" says RR Donnelley, a familar name, I thought. That's the name of the sender of the DTM badge. Yup, it must be the DTM pin. And here's what was printed on the other side.

The packing list revealed in the description (as encircled) that, indeed, it was the much awaited DTM pin. Haha.

When I opened the package, alas, it was nothing but a flimsy folded cardboard that sandwiched the pin. Upon inspection, I noticed the pin itself was bent! Arrrrgh!

I suspect that something heavy must have crushed this tiny parcel of mine and bent the pin. The pin was thick and so I tried bending it back to the correct position.

It worked!

If only they used a sturdy tiny box to house the pin, this may not have happened. I was toying the idea of complaining and asking for a replacement.

Then I found this fine print at the bottom of the packing list form.

"Products cannot be returned or exchanged except in the following circumstances: If a product offered by is not as anticipated, the wrong product is received, or a product is received damaged, your SOLE REMEDY IS TO RETURN IT in unused condition within 30 days from date of delivery for an exchange or refund" (caps mine).

It may be more trouble to return it and wait for several weeks for a replacement when, actually, the pin is just fine.

So, here it is - my DTM pin!

Finally, woohoo!