Saturday, April 6, 2019

Suit Jacket or Blazer with Floral Shirt

Some people describe me as one with poor fashion sense. The summer (hot or dry season) had intensified recently and I thought to myself, "hmmm, maybe it's time to take out the floral shirt I have". Haha.

I wasn't sure though if wearing the blazer (or suit jacket) to go with the shirt was a good idea. After all, in all my previous meetings wearing the blazer, I'd have a plain print or plaid shirt underneath.

Also, with the heat, is it even practical to wear the blazer? Well, what the heck, I thought. I have this customized Toastmasters shoulder briefcase bag that I use as a carry-on for my blazer. I'll just keep it there until it's time to take it out.

Apr 6, 2019 Toastmasters Meeting

Today's meeting was a bit extraordinary in that we had the Division H champions who came to practice at our club. They will be representing the division in the forthcoming District Contest in Cebu on April 27, 2019.

Attending today's regular meeting were (L-R): Standing: Porsh Maliksi, Annette Tayao, Jude Ola, me, Ed Ramirez, Pam Patacsil, Tzarina Saldana, Rea Muncada, Alvin Panghulan, Chloe de Guzman, Nona Hermogenes, Ida Sih, Raul dela Vega, Ellen de Guzman and Cristina Yung. Seated: Dolly delos Reyes, Ching Bognot and Leah Catapia.

(photo credits: Porsh Maliksi)

Friday, April 5, 2019

Omega Toastmasters Club Visit - 3rd (Second Round Visits)

It's been a while since the Omega last met. I believe their last meeting was in December, 2018 (last year). I did visit the IPI office though just recently to give the pins and trophy earned by Omega Toastmasters.

Attending in today's first meeting for the year were (L-R): Charlie Dar, Christian Abad, guest, Lydie Pancho, Bam Guilaran, Ed Ramirez, Edwin Villamor, Suzette Uy, Dolly delos Reyes, me, Rendum Domingo, Jun Carlo Leop and Joshua Villegas.

(photo credits: Charlie Dar)

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Toastmasters Document Briefcase - Customized!

I've recently found out that the Toastmasters Document Briefcase that was gifted to us (Area Directors) by District Director Benz Lim, could alternate as a garment bag. In other words it would double as a shoulder bag for a suit jacket or blazer.

But if the main compartment would be used for storing the blazer or jacket, then the outside pockets need to be modified a bit to contain other items like documents, notebooks, etc.

As it is, the outside pockets are just that - outside open pockets. There's no cover or closing mechanism that would secure contents and prevent them from sliding or falling out.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Shoulder Bag / Briefcase for Suit Jacket or Blazer

For quite some time now, I've been wearing a blazer (sometimes called a suit jacket) in most of my Toastmasters meetings. This is regardless whether the meeting is in my own home club at BF Community TMC or in other clubs or in Toastmasters events that I visit.

The first time I wore a blazer was when I gave a lecture on Body Language and Gestures at the 2018 Speakers Summit. But the wearing of a blazer became the norm when I did my round of club visits as an Area Director.