Saturday, March 16, 2019

Alabang Community Toastmasters Club Visit - 2nd (Second Round Visits)

It's back to the Cafe 8 at the Crimson Hotel for me to visit the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club. This was after visiting the IPI Office to drop off items for the Omega TMC.

Shown below flanking me at the left are ACT Club President Neetu Singh Chadha and Sigma TMC President JD Morales. At the right are Fort Bonifacio TMC President James Isaac Exequiel and Past ACT Club President Loreta de los Reyes.

(photo credits: Ella Coors)

Presidents JD Morales and James Isaac Exequiel were club-hopping toastmasters from clubs of Area 74. I showed up for my second round of club visits as Area 73 Director. I also took the role as the General Evaluator of the meeting.

The Meeting Proper

When I arrived, there were a couple of guests, Brian and Joseph. The members already present were Secretary Duchess Cruz-Munsayac, VP-Ed Lolet de los Reyes and SAA Paolo Gabriel. Coming in later was Pres. Neetu and then VP-Membership Ella Coors.

Immediately, I noticed the club has a new club banner. Yey!

Paolo was the Topicsmaster. Table topics were picked randomly from an envelope by the members. Table topic speeches were delivered round-robin style or should I say "round-table" style. The sequence of respondents was counter-clockwise around the table starting with the Topicsmaster.

Prepared Speakers

The program had two prepared speeches listed - JD's and Lolet's. Two more speeches were added in the program during the meeting, that of James' and Paolo's.

JD delivered a speech entitled, "Lion, Wolf and Sheep", for his Understanding Your Leadership Style speech project in the Dynamic Leadership Path (below).

(photo credits: Duchess Marie Cruz Munsayac)

James was the assigned evaluator in the program, but since he wasn't yet around, I was assigned on the spot by VP-Ed Lolet to evaluate JD.

The next speaker was James for his speech entitled, "In Vinos Veritas", and evaluated by JD. Next was Paolo and was evaluated by James.

The last speaker was Lolet and was supposedly evaluated by Tita Ella.

Evaluation Portion

Because Neetu had to leave early (at 4pm), I immediately started off my evaluation of her as Toastmaster of the Day as well as Grammarian. Duchess left earlier and I no longer had the chance to give my evaluation of her as Table Topics evaluator.

Tita Ella was unaware that she was Lolet's evaluator. Fortunately, JD was able to take some notes and use that to evaluate Lolet.

Shown below are the attendees of today's meeting (L-R): James, JD, guest Brian, me, guest Joseph, Lolet, Ella and Paolo. Not in the photo are Duchess and Neetu.

(photo credits: Ella Coors)

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!