Wednesday, March 6, 2019

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 4th (Second Round Visits)

Although we started a bit late in today's meeting (room was occupied), I thought the club meeting was productive and enjoyable.

Attending today's club meeting were (L-R): Jay Recomendable, Aldous Pring, me, guest Jayson, Mark ViriƱa, guest John, Noel Marcelino, Tess Sulapas, Joel dela Cruz, Jannine Montesines, Martin Bas and Norman Paje.

Pres. Joel informed me that Rouella Esguerra was absent and so couldn't make it as General Evaluator. With that, I became the meeting's GE.

A Few Changes and New Faces

The first thing I noticed was the layout. They no longer had the "conference-style" of seating like they did the last time I was there in my third club visit.

Not that I was complaining. If they feel it's more effective having the "classroom-style" of seating arrangement, then by all means, use it.

There were a few new faces today, but I still recognized the familiar ones.

Before the meeting, I told Martin Bas that he and Rouella Esguerro would've given the other clubs at the Joint Area Contest for Division H a very stiff competition. This was when, Pres. Joel texted me, at the last minute, that Martin and Rouella would be unable to compete in the area contest.

I did encourage Martin though to join again next year and to tell Rouella the same. The same goes for other members. I know they would be formidable contestants and that their exposure to competition would help them improve.

The Meeting Proper

TM Jay Recomendable did a fine job as Toastmaster of the Day. Not bad for a first-time TOD. The theme "heat" in the fire prevention month of March was also appropriate.

There were two prepared speakers today, Martin Bas and Aldous Pring, and I noticed the improved structure and organization with the speeches.

The caliber of evaluation from the evaluators is also improving. I was impressed with Tess Sulapas and Jannine Montesines in how they're able to catch opportunities for refinement. Mark Virina was his usual deadpan humorous self as he evaluated Table Topics.

I thought there was distinct improvement compared to what I've seen in previous club visits. Chalk it up to improved listening skills of the evaluators!

Onward to Distinguished!

As part of my duty as Area Director, I advised the club to always be mindful of the TI dashboard, particularly the DCP points. I reminded the club that they're just a point away to becoming Distinguished.

Four Level 1's equal one DCP point. Joel dela Cruz and Noel Marcelino have completed their Level 1's. So I think the easiest route now would be to have two more members to complete their Level 1's.

Pres. Joel agreed and he identified two members who will be able contribute by completing their own Level 1's.

Encouraging the Guests

This brings to another criterion of the Distinguished club award, and that's membership. The club needs to be charter strength and that means 20 members.

Today the club had two guests, John and Jayson. And so I spent a bit of time explaining the benefits that Toastmasters gives. I even cited how public speaking is no longer a soft skill as a key to success.

Hopefully there would be more guests in coming meetings who will eventually sign up and become regular members. It's a thumbs-up from me for this group!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!