Wednesday, November 7, 2018

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 3rd

Upon QSI TMC President Joel's invitation yesterday, I made it to today's club meeting, although 10 minutes late. Traffic at SLEX was unexpectedly heavy, maybe because of a downpour.

Attending in today's club meeting were as follows (L-R).

At the front row: me, Rouella Esguerra, Mark Clinthon Virina, a couple of lady guests, Martin Bas, Rubilynne Bernarte, Richie Barnido. At the back row: Two guests, Norman Paje, Noel Marcelino, Adonis Lalic, Joel de la Cruz, Monching Trinidad, Aldous Pring and Nikku Esplanade.

Club Treasurer Monching Trinidad was today's Toastmaster of the Day and ably handling the role. The club meeting had the theme "Why We Do the Things We Do."

Table Topics by AIDA

Mark Clinthon Virina became today's Topicsmaster and had only one question for all respondents. The question was, "Why do you think listening is important in a conversation?" The question elicited clever responses from respondents Norman Paje, Monching Trinidad and Noel Marcelino.

One thing novel I noticed in the Table Topics was that the respondents were encouraged to use the speech pattern AIDA. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Most Table Topics are typically responded using the more common PREP and the SMG speech patterns. That's because most topics are easily answered with just these two. So I thought it was unusual albeit creative to push the AIDA pattern. Good job, Mark!

Three Prepared Speeches

There were three prepared speeches today. The first speaker was veteran Martin Bas with his speech entitled, "Trust". I sort of joked that with the length of his speech, it could have qualified as a Teambuilding Seminar. It even had a mini workshop at the end.

The second speaker was Aldous Pring (shown below) with an Ice Breaker speech entitled, "Passion".

The third speaker was Richie Barnido, also with an Ice Breaker speech. Hers was entitled, "Fear". Wow, one-word titles for all prepared speakers. Was that a coincidence or what? Nonetheless, I thought both Ice Breakers were well delivered.

After the club meeting that went overtime, it was time for lunch. President Joel below looks busy overseeing the serving of lunch for all attendees! Or maybe he was the only one left with no food.

Thank you so much, QSI TMC!

Shown below is the scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!