Saturday, November 24, 2018

Power Dressing Seminar at Fluor Daniel

The Power Dressing Seminar pushed through today without major hiccups. Our resource speaker and image consultant, Dina Loomis, was early at the 7th floor venue in Fluor Daniel.

Looking for a parking slot this time around was a breeze for me. Parking was well-coordinated by Fluor Global Communicators TM Club President, John Jucar, with the building security.

Standing (L-R): Hazel, Ghee Desquitado, Rendum Domingo, Boon Cadayona, Leslie Ann Moreno-Marcelino, Abelle Cruz, JK Lopez, Julie Ann Casano-Quero, Marlon Sanchez, Kirsten Joy Segura, Ems Ems and Pastor Gustilo. Seated (L-R): me, Dolly de los Reyes, Dina Loomis, Anne Macalintal and Ed Ramirez.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

The first time I met Dina Loomis was when we were both part of a Demo Meeting for Amkor Technology Phils. This was way back in 2006 and I was the Demo Speaker for that presentation. She evaluated me for my Demo Speech.

Today's seminar would be the last training event for the year for Division H. My role in today's event was to lead the audience in the Invocation, National Anthem and the Toastmaster's Promise.

Shown below is one of the promotional flyers for the Power Dressing event posted in Facebook:

(photo credits: Division H)

Two-Part Seminar

The Power Dressing Seminar today had two parts. In the first part, Dina gave a background of her work as an image consultant. She then moved on to the sharing of valuable tips and techniques on choosing and matching clothes.

She also shared her knowledge on hair and skin care. This spritely lady is 74 years-old! She is the mother of Dino Santos, one of the speakers of the Speakers Summit. Yes, she had tips for both ladies and gentlemen.

The second part, as she had promised, was the more exciting part of the seminar. Here, she engaged participants in various free consulting sessions, but at the same time sharing her feedback and knowledge to the audience.

Book Signing and Pictorials

During the break, many participants went over to Dina to buy a copy of her book entitled, "Beyond Looking Good". Her books were all sold out! The participants had their books signed by Dina and then had individual photos taken with her.

Shown below-left are a couple of guys from Omega Toastmasters Club, TJ Boon Cadayona and Rendum Domingo with a copy of their book. Photobombing in the middle at the back was me, of course.

Free Wardrobe Consultation

In the photo below-right, Dina showed how you may "level-up" your dressing by simply wearing a garment with a collar. She had two male models, Ghee and Rendum. Ghee wore a collared shirt with a jacket, while Rendum had a V-neck shirt with a black blazer.

(photo credits: Dolly de los Reyes)

Color Matching Based on Skin Tone

There were volunteers who took advantage of Dina's free consultation. Below, she showed the Winter and Autumn color swatches and how they matched against the volunteers' skin tone. She did this for female models (shown below-left with Kirsten Joy) and male models (shown below-right with Boon).


Shown below-left, Dina explained in further detail, the Winter Color Swatch with JK Lopez. Below-right, she gave Dolly a brief makeover to illustrate the possibilities of different hairstyles.


Shown below are the participants showing off their new books! What an informative and entertaining seminar!

Shown below is the Power Dressing Seminar Program.

And that's... a wrap!