Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Demo Meeting for Amkor as Prepared Speaker (No Credit)

I delivered my speech, "That Extra Mile", as a demonstration prepared speech. Brookes Loomis DTM was the Toastmaster of the Day and his wife Dina Loomis DTM evaluated my speech. Gov. Beth Pableo ATM-S was the Table Topics Master.

Shown below: Dina Loomis (with hat), Brookes Loomis (front in blue shirt) as TOD, Area Gov. Beth Pableo (far right) and Dr. Noy Josef (standing) as General Evaluator.

Behind him is the chart showing the several Impromptu Speaking formats: PREP (Point Reason Example Point), SMG (Story Message Gain), PPF (Past Present Future), AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) and PROBE (Praise Request Options BestOption Explain). These formats were earlier explained by AreaGov. Beth Pableo ATM-S.

A part of the audience that witnessed a Toastmasters Demo Meeting. In the foreground are Greg Fisher (left) and Joel Gonzales (back to camera) from Amkor.

In the Table Topics portion, several Amkor employees were asked to volunteer. Greg Fisher talked about his greatest fear while Joel Gonzales talked about his unforgettable experience.

The venue of the Demo Meeting (5-6pm) was at the Bayanihan Conference room at P2. Lee Manalaysay from Organizational Development HR welcomed the guests.

Before the meeting closed, Brookes asked for 4 volunteers to give their Icebreaker speeches in the next meeting. He said that in his experience with other clubs, it is rare that all 4 will be able to deliver and with that note, he challenged the group to prove him wrong. What a challenge indeed!