Saturday, September 16, 2006

Division Level Quartethlon Contest 2006-2007

After the Area Level Contest of the Quartethlon last week, I competed in the Division Level (Division K) Quartethlon contest held at the Forum Hall of the Casino Filipino in Paranaque.

Here are the contestants (area champions) in today's division contest (left-right): Les Aquino from Area 78, Voltaire "Volts" Victoria from Area 77, DivGov. Rema, Ernesto "Jun" Lomuntad from Area 76 and Leonor "Norrie" Cristobal from Area 75.

Part of the audience.

In Impromptu Speaking, the table topic was: "If you were at a party abroad, who would you be most interested in talking to: a billionaire, a Hollywood actress or an Olympic gold medalist."

Norrie chose the billionare (Microsoft's Bill Gates); Les chose the athlete (Ian Thorpe, Olympic Swimmer); Jun chose the athlete (Lance Armstrong, Tour-de-France Cyclist); and Volts chose the actress (Marlyn Monroe).

Three of the four contestants, from left to right: Jun, Les and Norrie.

Below, Volts wearing his costume (leather jacket) for the Singing category. Volts sang "Proud Mary" as made popular by Tom Jones. My piece was "You Can't Hurry Love" as made popular by Phil Collins (also sang by the Supremes). Rock-and-Roll of the 70's was the theme in the Singing category.

The seated lady with the red blouse is Aret Esconde from DHL, the Test Speaker for the Evaluation category. The title of her speech was "A 15-peso ride and a Free Movie". Her speech was about her observations in an MRT ride. It was humorous and all the evaluation speeches were good.

(Seated left-right: Grace, Mabel, Aret Esconde (Test Speaker) and Irene; Standing left-right: Volts, Khris, Lolet and Les)

Gov. Rema Manzano awarding me the Runner-Up place for the Speech Evaluation category. That's Area 78 Governor Carina "Bobbie" Galang at the left cheering me on.

Jun Lomuntad bagged the Division level championship and will advance to compete at the District Level (District 75). Overall, the competition was very close and was definitely a good show. Chief Judge was Christine Temblique DTM and the other judges included Raul dela Vega and Jimmy Pamintuan.

My lone medal for the Division Level Quartethlon - Runner-Up in the Evaluation Speech Contest.

My complete medal haul for the 2006 Quartethlon, now mounted and proudly displayed in a glass frame. Four medals in Area level and one in Division level.

Whew, what a grueling contest! I'm just so glad it's over.