Thursday, November 22, 2018

MicroSpeak TM Club-Hopping as General Evaluator

Today, I was at the Microchip Technology Inc. Madrigal Office in Alabang. This was upon the invitation of its Toastmasters Club, MicroSpeak through the VP-Education, Daniel.

The first and last time I was at the Microchip office was when I joined a team for a demo presentation for the Microchip employees. The club hasn't even been formed nor had a name at that time.

Attending today's club meeting as shown below were (L-R): Kricha Mendoza, Janice Dupaya, Chris de Guzman, Russel Fernando, Shaira Marcelo, Loida Canada, Tam Tan, Rico Torres, me, Daniel Gorospe, Mark Pallones, Maelene Makalintal, Iva Salimbao and Joy San Juan.

(photo credits: Kricha Mendoza)

I was rushing to the venue meeting because traffic at the SLEX was unexpectedly slow. Maybe the reason is the Christmas season getting near or the midday plying of trucks or both. I have to remember that from hereon, for any midday club visits, I'd have to allot 45 minutes from my place to Alabang.

Shakespeare Meeting Theme

The club meeting had "Shakespeare" for its theme. The Toastmaster of the Day, Tam, gave some really fascinating trivia about the famous writer. One that really struck me is that Shakespeare married a lady by the name of Anne Hathaway.

Tam was quick to relate that tidbit to the name of a present-day American actress. I didn't even know that the guy had a family! And there were lots more trivia that Tam shared.

No Table Topics

Maybe it was due to time consideration, but the club didn't have Table Topics in today's club meeting. But the Prepared Speeches that were delivered today were truly top-notch! I really enjoyed the speeches given today - quite interesting and entertaining.

Shown below are the "best" awardees of the meeting. Best Speaker (blue cap) was Loida and the Best Evaluator (black cap) was Kricha. Flanking the two are me, TOD Tam and Club President Rico.

(photo credits: Maelene Makalintal)

Thank you, MicroSpeak TMC for the opportunity of being your General Evaluator, and thank you for the free lunch!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program. I noted the names of the speech projects on the program. This was something I added in my General Evaluation.

And that's... a wrap!