Monday, November 5, 2018

Club Mentor Certificate Received

Toastmasters certificate in the mail! Today, I got the paper certificate for Club Mentor. This is for getting credit in mentoring the UPS Alabang Toastmaster Club.

Initially, I didn't even think that there would be a certificate. I do know that there would be credit though.

Note that there isn't even a "Date Completed" on the certificate. The date shown on the certificate is the Charter Date of the mentored club which is March 11, 2018. The Award Date is shown on the Club History Support report that may be accessed from Profile.

See the Award Date, September 12, 2018 of my mentoring of UPS Alabang below.

For my checklist of the DTM application, only the Chartered Date and the Club Number 6814373, is required.

The other club, no. 7184899, is the First Balfour Toastmasters club where I joined in a Demo Meeting.