Thursday, June 1, 2006

Demo Meeting for HSBC - Get Comfortable with Visual Aids

Tonight, I was part of the Demo Team that showcased the Toastmasters experience at HSBC. This is the BPO site in Alabang. I actually made a mistake and went to the HSBC bank center instead. It's a good thing that in events like these, I typically leave early to get to the destination with enough time to spare.

The speech I delivered was the Get Comfortable with Visual Aids speech project. For this, I repeated an old speech. I also prepared a nice Powerpoint presentation for my visual aids (multimedia). Evaluating me was Lt.Gov. for Marketing, Gina Mapua.

She particularly liked the visual aids (which I worked hard for, especially the transitions). This speech was a reality check on memorized speeches. Gina obviously noticed it was memorized. I couldn't help it as I practiced and delivered this speech more than I wanted already. She did suggest to use my own words on the subject matter that I knew very well.

Not sure why, but this Demo Team was not complete. I guess they never are. Despite what's written on the prepared Demo Meeting program, there were only 2 speeches: Gina Mapua's Ice Breaker speech and mine.

Shown below is the scanned copy of demo meeting program.

Here's the second page.

And that's... a wrap!