Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Demo Meeting for Microchip - Madrigal, Alabang

Assuming the role of Toastmaster of the Day for the Microchip Demo Meeting. Demo Team included Ian Lagutan (Prepared Speaker SP#6)and Lolet delos Reyes (Evaluator) from ACT, Hiroki Ikari (Table Topics Respondent) and Rick Jayson SeƱales (Table Topics Master).

Attending from Microchip are Jared Remulta, Doug Chaffee and the rest of the Microchip Team. I even met Beverly "Bevs" Viray, a former officemate at ON Semiconductor.

From the far end of the table.

Shown below is part of the Demo Team: Ian, Rick Jayson, Lolet, Hiroki Ikari and Jared Remulta. I left early and missed this photo-op.

Thank you guys, and congratulations.