Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mar 15, 2006 Toastmasters Meeting - How to Say It

My recent speech topic has become a bit old and tired and so I came up with a new one for the How to Say It speech project. For this speech, I spoke about the Superkalan, a cooking device that my wife and I recently purchased. I felt excited about this device and wanted to discuss its merits in this speech entitled, "Fueling the Cooking".

Club President Dan Benig evaluated me for this project. He found the content to be information-rich. The delivery was natural like "painting a picture" with vivid descriptions. He wanted a bigger appeal for a wider audience though and include information like buyback (ROI) and costing.

GE Doc Noy liked the triad used: "tupig, patupat, bagoong", and suggested eliminating jargon in the speech.

Shown below is a scanned copy of the meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!