Friday, January 4, 2019

Toastmasters Document Briefcase from District Director

During the Power Dressing Seminar, Division Director Dolly handed to me what looked like a small package.

When I opened it, the package turned out to be a Toastmasters Document Briefcase. And inside the briefcase were a couple of promotional bookmarks and button pins. The package was a gift from our District 75 Director, Benz Lim.

As of this writing, the item description as advertised in the TI website is shown below:

It is priced at $11 for members and $15 for non-members. It's very light at 0.656 lbs. Here are other photos of the same item, also from the website.

It looks durable and may last for quite a while. This is certainly a keeper. Thank you so much, District Director Benz!

My Unofficial Toastmasters Plastic File Case/ Briefcase

Presently, I'm still using my old plastic file case as shown below and don't find much reason to replace it yet. My plastic file case, in my opinion, already fits the bill as far as my Toastmaster sorties (visits, meetings, etc.) are concerned.

It even has a "Where Leaders Are Made" Toastmasters sticker. I can't remember where or when I got the sticker. But affixing it on the plastic file case was a fantastic idea.

Once, a security guard let me pass through as someone officially coming to a Toastmasters event at their office. This was after he saw the sticker on my plastic briefcase! Haha!

The advantages of this plastic briefcase are:
  1. Could fit much of what I need: notebook for evaluation, pens, markers, camera and a Toastmasters magazine.
  2. Not completely transparent but clear enough to see what's inside.
  3. Could put it on the floor or flat surface so it stands vertically.

But just as it has advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages:
  1. One hand needs to hold it. It doesn't have a shoulder strap, so only one other arm is free to hold on to a water bottle, an umbrella, a jacket or whatever.
  2. It is entirely made of plastic. I can't be certain, but if someone mistakenly sits or steps on it, I'm almost sure it will be ruined.
  3. Being made of stiff plastic, it doesn't expand. You can't fit any more stuff when the compartment is full.

Still, for now, I think I'll continue using my old plastic briefcase.