Saturday, January 12, 2019

Club Officers Training 2 of 2018-2019 for Divisions H & K

Attending the Club Officers Training 2 from the BF Community Toastmasters Club were eight members: Ching, Ed, Loise, me, Cristina, Dolly, Duchess and Marlon. We were the biggest delegation in the training, second only to the host club, the Dasmariñas City Toastmasters Club.

(photo credits: Ching Bognot)

This Club Officers Training was jointly sponsored by both Division H and K. But it was Division K that hosted today's training. The Division H leaders led and hosted the Club Officers Training 1 2018-2019 in June of 2018.

Today's emcees for Division K were Joshua Gripo and Chelsea Kate Lavilla.

(photo credits: Kelvin Joya Dasmariñas City TMC)

Icebreakers and Energizers

Leading the first Icebreaker (or energizer) for the day was Division K Director, Thoto Ferido. The Icebreaker turned out to be a game and was a mix of the favorite Pinoy games "Bring Me" and "Trip to Jerusalem" (musical chairs). I'd like to call this game, "Bring Me to Jerusalem". Haha.

Shown below are the game contestants from each of the clubs. VP-Education Ed represented our club.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

The point of the game was to fetch whatever Gamemaster Thoto called out. That's the "Bring Me" part. But when they do fetch and are about to return to their seats, one or two chairs are removed (musical chairs part).

The first item called out was a Toastmasters Pin. I had one and handed it to Ed, our club's player. Shown below are the final three players: Gelo, Daniel and Kate. It was AD Kate who eventually won the game.

The second Icebreaker came from Raul de la Vega. Two groups were formed and were to guess via the Charade-style game the phrases that were given to the "actors" shown below.

The phrases were difficult to guess and the opposite team led at the start. Our group, shown below right eventually won the game.

This was after we realize that the phrases actually came from the six Moments of Truth. Haha. It was hilarious in that our team's actors didn't even break a sweat as we had the answers all ready.

Morning Learning Sessions

After the Icebreaker were the learning sessions on Moments of Truth, Club Success Planning and Best Practices.

Breakout Sessions for Group Discussions

There were breakout sessions for the clubs to discuss the six elements of the Moments of Truth. Shown below is Cristina reading out the elements in our club.

Duchess was representing the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club (Area 73) as secretary and so joined that club in the discussions.

Shown in a huddle below are the members of the QSI Toastmasters Club (Area 73) led by Pres. Joel Brian dela Cruz.

There was the Maneuver Toastmasters Club from Area 72 with Jorhiza, Leslie, Camille and Grace who sat behind us (below left) and the MicroSpeak Toastmasters Club from Area 71 with Rico, Joy, Maelene, Kricha and Daniel (below right).

Then there's the Metro South Alabang TMC from Area 72 with AD Anne Macalintal still munching on a burger, Jen, Tsarina and Pastor Toto. Yes, we had burgers and coffee for our morning snacks.

At the foreground in the photo below are the members of the Dasmariñas City Toastmasters Club in their group discussion.

Mentoring Talk on the Pathways Mentor Program

One of the best talks I heard today was from Nomel Gilongos (aka "National Treasure"). His topic was on mentoring and he focused on the Pathways Mentor Program, a program I recently completed.

Everybody was all ears as he spoke and I found his topic quite interesting. Too bad it was nearing lunch already and he had to rush it a bit. I felt that he had a lot more to share and elaborate.

We had lunch in the same venue. Apart from the pack lunch below, there were assorted noodles and pichi-pichi. Yummy.

Afternoon Learning Sessions

Other speakers at the Club Officers Training were PQD Director Ann Danga who talked about the District Recognition Program (below left) and Sarah Dikmen on Club Success Plan Review and SWOT - Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (below right).

After lunch, Duchess and Cristina both had to leave and so we had a very brief photo-op on stage with Division H Director Dolly as shown below.

As Sergeant-at-Arms, I facilitated the discussion on the SWOT Analysis. It was Treasurer Marlon who presented our club's analysis to the audience. I left soon after to attend our monthly Ministry Meeting.

Shown below is today's program.

And that's... a wrap!