Saturday, July 14, 2018

Club Officers Training 1 of 2018-2019 for Divisions H & K

Early birds! And there was a bunch of us here at Johnson & Johnson's Training Room in ParaƱque City even before the registration opened. Today was the Toastmasters Club Officers Training Round 1 for both Division H and K. After last night's meeting with the UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club, I failed to check the J&J Training start time, whether it was 8am or 9am. So I came early today just to be sure.
Among the early birds were (L-R): Tess Siapno, Cecile Reynales, Bunz Abuyuan, Toto Gustilo. At the back is Paolo Tipan. That's me farther back and photobombing the Metro South Alabang TMC.

(photo credits: Tess Siapno)

Of course, the early birds got the "Unli" hot pandesal and free coffee.

(photo credits: Shaira Marcelo)

For the morning's ice breaker, Raul de la Vega facilitated the Guessers-Changers game where participants were asked to form two rows. Fortunately, the attendees were still few at this time.

(photo credits: Shaira Marcelo)

Welcome Remarks and Introduction

After the Icebreaker was the Welcome Remarks by Toastmasters 2018-2019 District 73 Director Benz Lim. There were many more participants coming in and queuing at the registration table.

The Welcome Remarks was followed by the introduction of the Division and Area Directors. Shown below is Division H Director Dolly introducing the 4 area directors under Division H. These are (L-R): JK for Area 71, Kates for Area 74, Anne for Area 72 and me for Area 73.

The learning sessions followed with Ann Danga presenting "Creating a Quality Club". The attendees were then grouped according to club officer roles.

The photo below is from the break-out session, and shows the Sergeant-at-Arms officers from the different clubs of Division H and K in a huddle.

(photo credits: DivH Dist75)

Each club officer group gave a group presentation (dance, song or cheer) highlighting the club officer's role. Too bad, when it was our turn, we could hardly hear the music from the sound system. Our dance rendition of Momoland's Boom Boom wasn't just up to par.

Lunch Break

The 200 Php registration fee was inclusive of a meat and veggie lunch (lower left) and afternoon merienda of yummy pancit (lower right). Lunch packs were distributed and we all had time to mingle with other clubs' members. From another club member, Jon Martinez, I learned of another semiconductor TMC club in Cabuyao called Ampleon-Nexperia.

The semiconductor company apparently came out from NXP Semiconductors, formerly Philips Semiconductors. There was once an NXP Toastmasters Club which I visited in 2006. The club was in Calamba where NXP Semiconductors was located.

(photo credits: UPS Alabang)

Here are three members of the UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club, a club I'm mentoring with co-mentor, Anne. Shown are (L-R): Anne, Jayson, Mhelody and Hella.

(photo credits: DivH Dist75)

Dance Time! - A Boom Boom Energizer

Originally, I was tasked to facilitate an energizer just before the afternoon session after lunch. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of one that would allow everybody's participation. By late morning, the number of attendees had ballooned to over a hundred.

Fortunately, Dolly was able to think of one. She insisted that we use our Sgt-At-Arms group presentation music for an energizer. This was the Momoland's Boom Boom dance number. Actually, I've never heard of this dance before. I don't watch TV.

So the dance routine (video file courtesy of one SAA officer) was played over the room's monitors and sound system with no problems and we had fun time following it. And yeah, all the SAA officers were asked to lead in front, me included.

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

I do have the video of us dancing, but I fear the other members would not look kindly on me had I posted it here.

SWOT Analysis Discussions

One of the afternoon's learning sessions was an activity facilitated by Raul de la Vega, "Leading the Club to Success". An output of this activity was the creation of the club's SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) Analysis. The analysis matrix was then presented to the club's Area Director.

Here, I'm listening to Alabang Community's VP-Ed Ralp, present the club's SWOT matrix.

(photo credits: Tisha Hidalgo)

Shown below is my discussion with the Toastmasters club from QSI or Quantity Solutions Inc. during the presentation of their SWOT analysis. With her back to the camera at the foreground is Jen Espanto, QSI's club mentor.

The last presentation was from the BF Community Toastmasters Club, my home club. Naturally, I had inputs in writing up this matrix.

Shown below (L-R): Jorhiza (guest), Loise, me, Pres. Ching, VPM Duchess, VPE Ed and Secretary Renzo.

(photo credits: DivH Dist75)

Post-Training Activities

Following the training was a photo-op for Division Club Officers and Members. Immediate Past Division Director Jeff Ganaba made it just in time for the requisite "wacky" pictorial of Division H.

(photo credits: Shaira Marcelo)

Finally, Ann Danga installed the Division's new Club Officers per position. Unfortunately, only three SAA officers were around during this time. The club had its Induction of Officers and Members two weeks ago.

It was truly enjoyable and a fun learning experience! And that's... a wrap!