Thursday, July 26, 2018

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 1st

Today was my first visit as Area 73 Director to the QSI Toastmasters Club at the Quantity Solutions Inc. office in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Actually, this was my first Area Club Visit to any club outside of my own (BF Community TMC).

Shown below are some of the attendees in the meeting (from L-R): Mike, Pia, Ron, me, Joel, Ayah, Nera, Ricky, Martin, Noel, Tess, John and Rouella. The theme for today's meeting was "Rainy Days".

A "One-Peso" Table Topics Portion

There's was a light moment during the Table Topics portion when Topicsmaster Nera drew one-peso coins from her hand for respondents. Each respondent was supposed to read out the year the coin was minted and mention something remarkable that happened to him that year. That's clever, Pres. Nera!

TM Martin was one of the respondents. He was asking if he could get a bigger-valued coin instead of the one peso. He later suggested that, to get more volunteers, bigger denomination coins be used. This elicited even more laughter from the audience.

I too was called out as a respondent and picked a peso coin minted in 2015. So, I gamely answered with an anecdote from 2015. This was the year when I officially rejoined Toastmasters after a 5 year-long hiatus. This story of my rejoining Toastmasters was actually the topic of my Ice Breaker speech in Pathways entitled "Restarts".

Here are some of the QSI Toastmasters in action.

From left to right: Aileen was the Ah-Counter, Tess was the Grammarian, Rouella was the Timer and Pia was the Table Topics Evaluator.

Nera was Topicsmaster with Martin here as the first Table Topics respondent (below, left). Both Ayah and Mike gave their Ice Breaker speeches.


Below, John and Ron delivered their evaluation speeches for Mike and Ricky, respectively.


Good job, guys!

Radio Voice?

Since I participated in Table Topics, I was a bit pleasantly surprised when Pia, the TT evaluator, gave her feedback on me. She mentioned a few times that she liked how my voice sounded. She added that it sounded like someone from the radio.

Wow, thank you TM Pia. I wished I could have asked her though if it was an AM radio voice or an FM radio voice she was hearing. Haha.

An AM radio voice would be someone like Mike "kapuso!" Enriquez or Noli "kabayan" de Castro. An FM radio voice would be something I imagine from a cool old-style FM disc jockey (deejay).

I reasoned later, as General Evaluator, that maybe it was the cold temp at where I was sitting. Or maybe, I modulated my voice a little bit. Funny thing is, I wasn't even using a microphone. Maybe the room's acoustics was just good.

Post-Meeting Activity

After the meeting, the club had dinner delivered to the room. Over dinner in the room, I discussed with Pres. Nera about club matters for my Club Visit Report. Thank you, QSI Toastmasters!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!