Saturday, July 7, 2018

11th Anniversary Celebration for BF Community TMC

We just turned 11! That's right. It's BF Community Toastmasters Club 11th Anniversary Celebration and it was last June 30 to be exact.

And... it's to celebrate the club's receiving President Distinguished Award!

And... it's the Duchess' Royal Birthday Celebration too! So from the Strategic Planning Meeting and Induction of Officers and New Members, the club members walked towards the Royal Residence in Firenze.

There was plenty of yummy food when we got to Duchess' house. We even brought food left from the Strategic Planning. So, no, we never ran out of food.

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

Although we arrived early, the dinner didn't start immediately. We had to set up the tables and chairs first that were used at the Function Hall for the Strategic Planning. No hurry though. The night was young.

There was lots of drinks too! Doc Rey was handed out free copies of his new book.

I had to leave early though and missed much of the fun and games. This was for me to catch-up on a Saturday anticipated mass. Thank you so much, Duchess for the kind hospitality!