Friday, July 13, 2018

UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club Mentoring - 7th

Today's theme was "Happy Friendship Day" on a wet Friday the 13th. This time, we're seeing more new in-house evaluators. In addition to Ron, Jeffrey is now too, a prepared speech evaluator.

Attending in today's rainy day meeting were (clockwise from left): Mhelody, Owen, Romer, Hella, me, Leah, Anne, Ron, Myzza and Jason. Taking the photo was Jeffrey.

Table Topics on Friends

I didn't think I would be called in today's Table Topics since I got called the last time. The UPS Topicsmasters nowadays are opening this portion to the guest evaluators too (Anne, Leah and me). It's good though that the Topicsmaster, Reya, gave the topic first before calling for volunteers.

In one topic, I asked that the question be repeated. Once repeated, Anne volunteered me! It's all fine though, the question wasn't overly difficult. It was something along "how do you know your true friends". And I gave an example about people getting unfriended or blocked in social media by their "friends" simply because of differences in political beliefs.

Mentor Moment

For today's mentor moment, I focused on a couple of items:
  1. For members to keep the evaluation sheets. It's a good idea to file the old evaluation sheets in a simple folder. Keeping the evaluation sheet for the first speech on Evaluation and Feedback is particularly necessary. Like today, I was handicapped in that I was evaluating the second speech. But I was neither the evaluator of the first speech, nor did I have access to the first speech's evaluation sheet.

  2. For the VPE or program preparer to be specific on the program details. This is to let those attending know what particular speech is being delivered. As mentioned in item 1, the Evaluation and Feedback is actually of 3 parts: 1st speech, 2nd speech and evaluator speech. Had I known that I would be evaluating a 2nd speech, I could've asked for the evaluation sheet beforehand. This would let me know what feedback was given by the first evaluator and if the recommendations were incorporated in the 2nd speech.

Pizza Time for the Birthday Girl

Since it was my co-Club Mentor, Anne's birthday a few days ago, she called out for pizza in advance. Happy 45th, Anne! You look so young. Here's Mhelody taking a photo of the group enjoying the pizza. Owen, next to Mhelody, seems engrossed (or puzzled?) with the presentation.

(photo credits: Mhelody Manahan)

Over pizza, Anne discussed Pathways while showing the different Pathways screens on the projector. She and I were worried that some members have not yet seen the Pathways screens in the website. This is despite some of them now already working on the second speech of Evaluation and Feedback.

I had to beg off and as I was about to leave, TM Myzza gave me this nice UPS token.

I'm not sure if she really liked my evaluation of her speech or she had this prepared beforehand. But still, thank you so much TM Myzza. That was so nice of you.

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!