Saturday, July 7, 2018

Write A Compelling Blog-Sample Speech IP4, "Speech Blogging"

This is my 11th speech under Pathways. The speech was delivered at the BF Community Toastmasters Club (BFComm) in the Jul 7, 2018 Strategic Planning Meeting at Firenze Subd. Imus City, Cavite.

This project (elective in Innovative Planning Level 4) has a few incorporated activities:
  1. Make eight posts on your blog (new or established) over the course of one month.
  2. Share the link to the blog site to the entire club, VP-Education or your evaluator.
  3. Have the blog evaluated by club members using the Blog Evaluation Form.
  4. Deliver a speech to share your experience setting up your blog and posting on the site.
  5. Submit the Project Completion Form to the VP-Education.

Speech Blogging
(Write A Compelling Blog, Level 4-Innovative Planning, Jul 7, 2018, BFComm TMC, Firenze, Imus City, Cavite. Evaluated by Krissy R., PM1 CL)


What will I do with all these speeches? That is what I asked myself after achieving my Competent Communicator norm. Some speeches were saved in Word documents and some in loose sheets. I thought they had to amount to something!

So I retrieved them all, organized them and then stored them in a website. The difference is that they were now accessible through the internet. Good afternoon, everyone.


The speeches started my speech website. It looked good… for a while. But then I realized that it was a static website. It only had speeches and it was very heavy with text.

Then I rediscovered old digital photos that I took when I was still VP-Public Relations in an old club. Another question came up. What will I do with all these old digital photos? Well that inspired me to retrace all the past events and put the photos in an online journal which is now the blog component of my website.

Was it difficult? I’d say it was much more difficult reorganizing the photos, backtracking and recalling the past events. Learning the blogging software was probably the easiest part. Was it worthwhile? Definitely! Now the website looks more alive, fresh and relevant because of the blog.

I encourage everyone to blog... on any topic! Why? Because it’s so much easier... especially now! Platforms like wordpress, have been there for years! Now, they’re even more user-friendly with more tools. Digital photos?

Before, I had to rely on dedicated point-and-shoot cameras like Sony or Canon or a Casio to take photos. Now, any Tom, Dick and Harry with a decent cellphone can easily take high resolution pictures.


For me, the more I deliver speeches and become active in Toastmasters, the more content I’m able to post in the blog. And the bigger the blog becomes, the more I’m motivated to deliver speeches and stay active. It’s a wonderful cycle that has kept me well-motivated in Toastmasters.

Toastmaster of the Day.

Abdul Hadi N said...

Dear Les Aquino! Thank you very much for this blog post. Indeed it will help me to prepare my Level-4 "Write a compelling blog speech :)

Keep up the great work!

Blackdove said...

Hello Abdul! I hope you found this blog helpful for your Level 4. Good luck on your TM journey!