Saturday, June 30, 2018

Area Directors Training 2018-2019 (Luzon-Wide)

It was another long drive for me today to get to the Area Directors Training. The venue for the training was at the Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman. The training was for Area Directors for all Divisions in Luzon.

Here's the Area Directors Training flyer that was circulated to us in Facebook.

We started off with lunch at around 12 noon in the same training venue. After lunch was an Icebreaker session for Area Directors to somehow get acquainted.

I thought the Icebreaker session was a bit lengthy though. Each person around the room gave a short intro about himself, how he was feeling at the moment (from a list of emoticons), and then give a mini-speech providing the audience "two truths and a lie".

The "two truths and a lie" part was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it took so much time. Some made it a real guessing game for the audience. By the time everyone was done, a whole hour had passed!

Division H Delegates

Shown below are the Division H's delegates (L-R): me, Kates, Dolly and Anne. I think this is the part of the Icebreaker session.

We were done with our Icebreaker intro and we're listening to the rest of participants with the introductions going around the room. You could see Incoming District Director Benz Lim (in blue) sitting over at the back either snoozing or listening with his eyes closed.

(photo credits: Goldie Burns de Mesa)

There was no multimedia projector, initially. That explains why some participants (like Anne and Kates) had their laptops on chairs in front of them as shown in the above photo. We were viewing the presentation slides on the laptops.

Shown below are the main presenters of the training session: Past District Governor JJ Letargo (standing) and Program Quality Director Ann Margaret Danga.

(photo credits: Goldie Burns de Mesa)

Personality Assessment Tests

Later, there was also a personality assessment test. This tests for and identifies the personality types: Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholic and Choleric.

The session was quite similar to what we have during Club Officers Training. Shown below, we're answering the personality assessment tests.

(photo credits: Paul Dennis Tangangco)

Personality Type Groupings

I was rather surprised that I tested for the personality-type Sanguine, just like my seatmate, Goldie Burns de Mesa. She was expecting to be placed in the Melancholic group.

Thereafter, the participants were grouped according to the 4 personality-types.

There wasn't an activity for the 4 groups so I'm not sure what the grouping was for. Maybe it's just for everyone to know who had which personality-type.

Here's a nice picture (haha!) of me during the discussion of the personality types. The discussion was quite lengthy and was an opportune time for selfies and group photos.

Paul Dennis "Bruno" Tangangco has an awesome camera and he had a field day going around the training room taking photos. Thank you, Bruno.

Not Enough Time

There were other meaty sessions towards the end of the training. But their presentation lengths had to be sacrificed due to the lack of time.

One is the Pathways by Sasi Casas and Faye Alexandria Sy, and then the Rewards Program by Benz Lim which many found highly interesting. Too bad.

Although the session was 12 noon to 5 pm. it extended to 5:20 pm. The Division A Turnover and Installation ceremonies was supposed to start at 5 pm, after the training.

Here, we had a brief photo-op just outside the training room. With us in the photo is District Club Growth Director, Marilyn "Nene" Legaspi (center) from Cagayan de Oro.

(photo credits: Kate Allison)

At this point I had to leave though because I sometimes have trouble driving at night. Riding with me going home were Kates and Dolly. Anne stayed behind for the Division A Turnover and Installation ceremonies.