Saturday, June 23, 2018

Division H Council First Meeting 2018-2019 Jun 23, 2018

Today, we had our First Division Council Meeting over lunch at Shakey's ATC. The Division's Area Directors were also attending the meeting. Since there were plenty of items up in the agenda, Dolly and I started right off with the discussion. We were later joined in by Cassy and Kates. Soon thereafter, the others followed.
Initially at the meeting were: (clockwise from bottom) Raul dela Vega (MSATC), Daniel Gorospe (Microspeak), Jeffrey Ganaba (BFComm), Gelo Reotutar (Fort Bonifacio), me, Dolly delos Reyes (BFComm), Cassy Masilang (Fort Bonifacio), Kates Gapul (Fort Bonifacio) and Anne Macalintal (MSATC).

(photo credits: Dolly delos Reyes)

More Reading Materials

Incoming Division Director Dolly gave each of the Area Directors a packet of manuals (uh oh, more reading materials). My first impression was, "nice... manuals with colored pages!", as I was so used to the old bland regular speech manuals of Toastmasters. Shown below are the contents of the packet.

Much of the Area Directors' discussion was focused on: Vision for the area, Shift to Pathways, Club visit schedules and more. Unfortunately, there was too much noise from Shakey's lunch crowd that I had difficulty hearing some portions of the discussion.

Speakers Summit

One item in the agenda that got me interested was a planned Speakers Summit. A few topics have been considered for a few identified speakers. These include Evaluation, Impromptu Speaking (Table Topics), International Prepared Speeches and Humorous Speeches. In other words, these are the standard contest categories.

I suggested adding something along the lines of speech delivery like Body Movement and Gestures. Other topics that came up especially from the ladies were Power Dressing, Make-Up/ Make-over (for the ladies!), Improvisation Techniques, etc.

Triple Crown Award Pin

When I received the Leadership Excellence Award in April, I was wondering whether I would get a Triple Crown Award pin for 3 or more awards in one year. I already saw my name listed as a triple crown awardee since February. I also did not attend the Discon meeting at Davao where the Triple Crown pins were handed out. So last Tuesday this week, I asked Outgoing Division Director Jeffrey if I was still getting a pin. He promised to follow-up.

Well, I was so delighted today to finally receive the Triple Crown Award pin. It's a first for me to receive this pin and so I was doubly excited. It's probably the biggest in size among the Toastmasters award pins. It's certainly much bigger (and heavier!) than the other pins I received like the Advanced Communicator Bronze pin, the Competent Communicator pin and the Competent Leader pin.

Notice that I was holding it up with pride in the first photo above. Thanx again, Director Jeff!

Another Meeting to Attend

When it was nearing 2 pm, Leah and Ed arrived at the meeting (shown below in the foreground). This was at the time when I was about to leave to attend a Ministry Committee meeting at the parish.

I left Shakey's at around 2:20 pm after getting my take-out pizzas for my daughter Karen's birthday. The above photo must have been taken shortly after I've left. Overall, it was still a productive Division Council meeting.