Friday, June 8, 2018

Jun 8, 2018 UPS Club Mentorship Meeting - 5th

The rainy season has started and it was a wet trip going to the meeting. I didn't expect though the heavy traffic to be all the way there at the venue in UPS.

I'm guessing the opening of classes had something to do with it. I did factor in the music festival at Filinvest, but still, yeah, I was late for 20 minutes. The meeting's theme was "Happy Independence Day".

Attending the meeting were: (L-R) Romer, Raul, Reya, Philip, Owen, Precious, Ron, Mhelody, Jessa, Hella, me, Anne, Leah and Arnold.

(photo credits: UPS GBS Alabang)

Evaluation Training for Future Evaluators

DTM Raul conducted an Evaluation Training. The purpose of this was to help develop the in-house evaluators for the club. The succeeding meetings will see club members progressively taking on evaluation roles. At the end of the mentoring period which is 6 months, the club would be ready to function on its own.

For the Evaluation Training Workshop, Romer became a Demo Speaker with Raul giving a Training Evaluation. Then, Hella became a Test Speaker for three Evaluators: Ron, Precious and Reya.

Just before the meeting ended, winners for Evaluation (from the training) and Table Topics were announced. Unfortunately, all Prepared Speakers went overtime and so were disqualified. Philip won Table Topics and Precious won Evaluation.

Shown below is Precious winning a token from MSATC - a book compilation of MSATC speeches, as her Evaluation prize.

MSATC's Nice Little Gift

Anne gave me and Leah a copy of this book also. The book is entitled, "Speeches from the Heart".

Incidentally, my name is mentioned in a couple of Anne's articles in the book: her newsletter column in "My Toastmasters Journey" on page 12, and her speech project on Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring, entitled, "More of Les", on page 76.

She even scribbled a personalized dedication too. Thank you so much, Anne!

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

Here's the scanned copy of the club meeting program:

And that's... a wrap!