Friday, June 29, 2018

Jun 29, 2018 UPS Club Mentorship Meeting - 6th

It was another fun-filled Toastmasters club meeting today at UPS with the theme "Father's Day". I really tried my best not to be late this time. Yes, I was about 30 minutes early. Some folks there, not members, grumble about my being early for the 6 pm. meeting. Well, better that than late.

Outgoing President Ron Aguila was back from his honeymoon in time for the club elections that was held today. A new Toastmasters year is about to begin on July 1, 2018 and the club needs a new President. A new set of officers was called for and the website's officer list will be updated.

Attending the meeting are shown below (L-R), Anne, Hella, Leah, Myzza, Philip, Mhelody, Jason, Ron, Reya, me, Owen, Jeff and Romer.

(photo credits: Anne Macalintal)

We waited a bit for Precious who was coming, as usual, from the ParaƱaque City office of UPS. But after 15 minutes, we had to start with me replacing her as the Evaluator for Reya's prepared speech. In case she did arrive, she would have evaluated Mhelody instead. She didn't, and so Ron became Mhelody's Evaluator.

Table Topics First-Timer

It was a first for me to participate in UPS's Table Topics. The Topicsmaster, Mhelody, wanted to include the Club Mentors as possible respondents. Fortunately, the questions were straightforward and easy. Mine was, "What is your best description of your Dad". The meeting theme after all was "Father's Day".

The Word-of-the-Day was "aplomb" and I found it surprising that it was printed on an old Toastmasters word-of-the-day card! The card bore the old Toastmasters Logo and had water stains. Ron said that the current club inherited it from the old UPS-ASCS Toastmasters Club. I once club-hopped at the UPS-ASCS Club in July 17, 2006. Haha. That was a long time ago.

Election of Club Officers

After the club meeting, the members had an election from a list of nominated members. This was to finally update the club officers' list in the Toastmasters website. Last day of updating would be tomorrow, June 30. The next Toastmasters term officially rolls in on July 1, 2018.

The results of the election for Club Officers 2018-2019 are as follows:

PresidentRon Calvin AguilaJason Confesor
VP EducationCathy GallentesOwen Sorio
VP Membership Jason ConfesorPrecious Milaor
VP Public RelationsArnold AbenojaReya Joy Dimaiwat
SecretaryMyzza AbuelMhelody Manahan
TreasurerShyla Mae SucgangJeffrey Lalaguna
Sergeant at ArmsMelvin CentinoMelvin Centino

Congratulations, UPS Alabang Team!