Monday, June 4, 2018

Official in TI Website as UPS Club Mentor

Imagine my delight when finally, my name was reflected as a Club Mentor for the UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club. It hasn't been easy though and it was quite a long wait.

It was announced to the club by one of the original mentors, Anne, that I was officially the new mentor last May 4, 2018. I was to replace an original mentor, Marites. Although my assignment has been relayed to Toastmasters International even before that date, the TI website was still incorrect, reflecting the following:

More Follow-Ups

I even asked help from the Club Growth Director, Ann Danga, to help follow-up with Toastmasters International. But the oft provided reason was that, recently, TI has been very slow with updating records. I think this has still something to do with their relocation of offices.

But now, finally, it's official with TI's records. The list has been updated and so my name appears as one of the mentors (replacing Marites) as shown below:

What a long delay! It took so much follow-ups and more than a month to get the records updated. It really must be slow now at TI.