Saturday, July 28, 2018

Club Success Planning for 2018-2019

The Club Success Planning session for BF Community TMC started with a pleasant sunny morning over at Mary Grace Cafe in the Alabang Town Center. Already at the venue were Ching, Cristina and Raul. If it weren't for ATC's malfunctioning parking booth boom bar, I would've arrived earlier.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

Before we even started discussing CSP or Club Success Planning, Ching had us order breakfast at Mary Grace. I had the old Pinoy standby favorite, beef tapa, scrambled eggs with garlic rice and black coffee. Yummy!!!

Shown below is Pres. Ching leading the discussions.

Below is Ed, the club's VP-Ed, leading the discussion on the Education portion and its significant impact to DCP (Distinguished Club Program), while Secretary Renzo took the minutes.

Later, Treasurer Marlon and VP-PR Cristina (taking the photo below) shared their knowledge in the Administration portion.

Division H Director Dolly joined us later when it was nearing lunch - and a sumptuous lunch we had!

We had black velvet cake for dessert and Ching even gave each one some dessert takeouts.

The weather turned gloomy though when it started raining. Overall, it was a very productive Club Success Planning Session. Thank you so much, Pres. Ching!

And that's... a wrap!