Friday, August 3, 2018

Omega Toastmasters Club Visit - 1st

OMEGA. What a cool name for a Toastmasters club, I thought. It was later when I discovered that Omega Toastmasters Club belongs to International Pharmaceuticals Inc.

This is the company that lists Omega Pain Killer (yes, the popular sports liniment) as one of its many quality health care products. We always have their "Extra Strength" Efficascent Oil at home.

Heavy Traffic for Club Visit

Today I visited the Omega Toastmasters Club at IPI, short for International Pharmaceuticals Inc. This was the second Toastmasters Club I visited as Area Director after the QSI TMC visit.

The 1-hour I allotted for the trip wasn't enough. I was joking at the club that the euphoria (word-of-the-day) I had while driving to their club venue slowly diminished when I reached Honda Motors near Daang Hari.

For some reason, traffic going to Las PiƱas City was really bad especially at SM Southmall. I was about 15 minutes late. Div. Director Dolly was already at the club venue with the club members just waiting for me.

Omega Toastmasters in Action

Club Sergeant-at-Arms Gabriel (center, below) started off the meeting after declaring the hall ready. This was followed with TM Monica (at the lectern) who assumed the Toastmasters of the Day role.

The club meeting theme for the day was "Fail to Succeed". Club President Edwin (at lectern) became the Topicsmaster and handed out slips of paper with success quotes in them. Shown below is TM Bryce as one of the respondents.


Light Moment at Table Topics

Nobody wanted to volunteer for Table Topics. While Pres. Edwin was waiting, TM Bryce stood up to head for the door. He was excusing himself to go to the restroom.

And just like that, he was volunteered to take on the first topic! Haha. I thought that was funny.

I too, was called as a respondent, by the way, and shared an anecdote about toastmasters entering speech contests to get out of one's comfort zone.

Other toastmasters who took on roles included TM Winston (left, below) as a prepared speaker, and TM Jonalyn (right) as the Ah-Counter.

As for me, my plate was full with prepared speech evaluations (Winston's Ice Breaker and Dolly's Advanced speech) as well as giving a couple of talks: Advantage of Joining Toastmasters and the new Pathways Education Program. Fortunately, Dolly agreed to take over the Table Topics evaluation.

After the meeting, light dinner was served.

Thank you Omega for a successful first club visit. See you again Omega, in my second visit next week!

And that's... a wrap!