Wednesday, August 8, 2018

QSI Toastmasters Club Visit - 2nd

The theme for Quantity Solutions Inc. (QSI) Toastmasters club meeting was "National Language Month". It's my second time to visit this club for the 1st round of club visits. My first QSI club visit was two weeks ago. This time around, there were more new faces (at least for me) attending the meeting.

Shown below are (L-R) Front: Rouella, Pia, Martin, Amy, Joy, Marisa, Noel, Nera, Aaron, Tess and Eve. Back: John, Ron, Ricky, Monching, Fiel, and me.

Not shown in the above photo are Ayah (below left) and Joel (right) who were also at the club meeting. See the members' club meeting roles in the scanned program further below in this article.


No Club Meeting Role

Speaking of club meeting roles, I was pleasantly surprised that I was not assigned a role for this club meeting. Their club mentor Eve was there so she took over the GE role. I even had to confirm with Tess, the meeting program preparer, if indeed I didn't have a speaking part.

Since I didn't have a speaking part, I was so ready to volunteer for Table Topics. But then, I had to pacify (word-of-the-day) myself. I wanted the other members with no speaking parts to have that opportunity.

Although I had no role, I gave a few comments in the announcements portion at the end of the meeting and then later promoted the upcoming Speakers Summit on Aug. 18.

My "no role" in the meeting was actually good news. It meant that the club is vigorous and could already be self-sustaining with their own in-house evaluators. Kudos!

Club Matters Discussion

Prior to the meeting, I had the privilege of interviewing the club's VP-Education, Tess. This was on matters regarding club members specifically recognition and retention. This would form part of the Area Director's Club Visit Report.

In my first QSI club visit, I was able to interview club President Nera and that was after the meeting.

Shown below is Noel delivering the Timer's report.

Thank you QSI for the dinner served during today's meeting! Here's a scanned copy of the meeting program.

And that's... a wrap!