Friday, July 27, 2018

UPS Alabang Toastmasters Club Mentoring - 8th

It was a one kind of an energy-filled meeting today at the UPS GBS Toastmasters Club with new guests and second-timers attending. Not only that, today marked a major milestone where all but one of the prepared speeches were evaluated by the members themselves.

Shown below from left to right: (front) Mhelody, guest, Leah, me, Owen, Lors, Reya, Jason, Anne, Romer and 3 guests, (back) Melvin, Jeffrey, Carla, Ron and Philip.

(photo credits: UPS GBS Alabang)

Major Milestone for Evaluation

For the first time, we had a member, IPP Ron, taking on the General Evaluator role. All the prepared speeches, save for one, were evaluated by members as well.

The three of us, are now happily taking the functionary roles. I, for one, took on the Grammarian role for the meeting. Things are really starting to look up for the club.

That Full-Sounding Voice

Before the club meeting commenced, I was talking to Reya who was on my left and Owen on my right at the table. There was nothing in particular with the conversations, other than the normal chit-chat I ordinarily engage members with, like asking if they have a speech for the day, and so on.

Anne was standing at the front and, out of the blue said, "buo ang boses mo" (your voice sounds full). I jokingly replied well I probably brought a whole voice today and not partial one. It's a bad joke, I know.

I didn't ask her what she meant by the remark and I didn't know if she found the voice pleasant, or whatever. I just assumed that she did, and that what she meant was it sounded deeper, fuller and more resonant.

The General Evaluator Conundrum

Immediate Past President Ron was the General Evaluator today - another first. After the club meeting, he matter-of-factly asked Anne and I how he did as a GE and who will evaluate him.

It was a valid question and like a riddle. The General Evaluator evaluates everyone and everything, but who evaluates the General Evaluator?

So I replied that, in reality, nobody formally evaluates the GE. That is why it is important that the General Evaluator has a good grasp of the parts of a typical Toastmasters club meeting as well as the meeting roles.

I added that on rare occasion, members would give some feedback AFTER the meeting. That's been my experience thus far as a GE. I also told Ron that he may want to ask old-time members or guests direct questions after the meeting like "How did I do as GE?"

Mentor Moment

Anyway, I promised Ron I'd think of something. I wasn't paying too much attention on the GE because, as the meeting's grammarian, my main focus was on everyone's use of the English language.

Later, I gave him feedback via email regarding table topics. Preferably, the Table Topics portion should stick to the theme of the meeting which was "Stay Fit and Healthy". As such, topics in the form of straight questions like what we had should then reflect that them. "What's your favorite exercise?" or "What do you consider healthy food?" would be good examples.

"Preferably" is the key word, and there may be exceptions. What happened was that Topicsmaster Leah, who happens to be the Division's PR Manager, asked questions that revolved around the upcoming Speakers Summit that she was promoting. I suppose that could be an exception, given the circumstances.

And that's... a wrap!