Saturday, July 7, 2018

Induction of Officers and New Members 2018-2019

Right after today's Strategic Planning Meeting, the Induction of Club Officers and New Members for the BF Community Toastmasters club followed. This was held at the Function Hall of the Firenze Subdivision in Imus City, Cavite.

Outgoing Club Officers

To start off, the outgoing set of club officers were called on stage for the official discharging of their duties by Div.Director Dolly. Present were (L-R): Pres. Leah, VPE Krissy, VPM Duchess, Sec. Ching and me (SAA). Absent were VPPR Russell and Treas. Cristina (who came later).

(photo credits: Leah Catapia)

It must have been a big a sigh of relief for some officers as they were discharged of their duties. It's status quo for me and Duchess though.

Incoming Club Officers

Then the incoming set of officers for the Toastmasters year 2018-2019 were called on stage. The Sergeant-at-Arms officer position is inducted first from among the club officers.

Here's Div.Director Dolly administering the Sergeant-at-Arms Officer's Pledge to me as I held the club gavel (below left). After the pledge, I passed over the gavel to the next higher officer, Treasurer Marlon Sanchez, while Dolly prepared the Toastmasters officer pin (below right).

Dolly affixed the Toastmasters officer pin on my shirt collar (below left). Haha. Now I know why they required us to wear collared shirts. And then, finally, the customary Toastmasters handshake (below right). Thank you so much for the pins, Past Division Governor Raul de la Vega DTM!

Thank you so much Immediate Past President Leah for this quick succession of photos!

The new set of officers received their officer pin from Div.Director Dolly. Our indefatigable Outgoing President, Leah, received the Immediate Past President pin from Incoming President Ching.

Shown below are some district officers and club members congratulating the new set of officers.

So once again, here is the list of outgoing and incoming club officers for 2018-2019.

PresidentLeah CatapiaChing Bognot
VP EducationKrissy R.Ed Ramirez
VP Membership Duchess MunsayacDuchess Munsayac
VP Public RelationsRussell SantosCristina Yung
SecretaryChing BognotRenzo Vergel de Dios
TreasurerCristina YungMarlon Sanchez
Sergeant at ArmsLes AquinoLes Aquino


Induction of New Members

After the officers induction was the new members' turn to be inducted to the BF Community Toastmasters Club. Inducted as new members were (L-R): Lawrence de Guzman, Abby Espiritu, Renzo Vergel de Dios, Doc Rey Pepino and Alvin Panghulan.

And that wraps up the Installation of Officers and Induction of New Members. This was followed by the Celebration of BFComm's 11th Anniversary (and Duchess' Birthday) celebration at the Duchess Royal Residence in Firenze.