Thursday, January 17, 2019

Continental Manila Toastmasters Club 4th Visit

The order of the today's meeting was the reintroduction of the Pathways Learning Sessions to the club members. It did catch me a little off guard though because I thought it would be a regular meeting.

Some of the club members, two of them speakers, had conflict with today's meeting and had to beg off. But was I disappointed because of the last minute change in agenda? Not at all!

(photo credits: Jeffrey Lim)

The plan of giving a reorientation on Pathways to the club has been planned already in the last meeting last year which DTM Raul de la Vega and I attended. Jeffrey did mention about having it, hopefully, in January of 2019.

Reintroduction of Pathways

Why is there a reintroduction of Pathways via this learning session for today? It was Neb Perez who introduced Pathways in 2017 to the club. At that time, those who attended were the club officers.

Some of those officers are no longer with the company. Most of those who attended in today's meeting were not present in the first Pathways talk by Neb. Many of them actually new. So that means it was a different audience now, hence the need for this Pathways talk.

Familiarity with the Pathways Slides

In a way, I felt lucky and also confident with today's talk on Pathways. That's because I was familiar with the slides that Jeffrey presented. I believe these were the same slides that Neb presented before.

Since I've reached Level 4 in Innovative Planning and Level 1 in Presentation Mastery, I felt confident giving answers to the audience's questions on Pathways.

And because I've completed my legacy path which is the basis for my forthcoming DTM application, I was able to give credible comparisons between the legacy and the Pathways programs of Toastmasters.

There were plenty of questions from the group to Jeffrey and myself. But I'm glad that he and I were able to answer all questions satisfactorily.

There was no meeting program today. The session was undoubtedly a welcome break for me from the usual club meeting routine. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to discuss Pathways with you.