Saturday, July 20, 2019

12th Anniversary Celebration for BF Community TMC

After the July 20, 2019 regular Toastmasters Club meeting, many of us went to the Music 21 KTV in Alabang.

Some of those who attended were (L-R): Raul dela Vega, Jude Ola, Alvin Panghulan, Ed Ramirez, Marlon Sanchez, Leah Catapia, Loise BaƱez, Beth Pableo, Rema Manzano, Mary Jazul, Elna Miralles Fabiana, Cristina Yung, Tess Siapno and Cecile Reynales.

(photo credits: Cristina Yung)

I, unfortunately, couldn't make it as I wasn't feeling well after our club meeting. I wanted and was ready to go party but I felt this headache radiating from the back of my neck.

Here are some photos taken from the 12th Anniversary Celebration Party of BF Community TMC.

President Cristina leading a fun group activity with Jude mildly amused.

Our friends from Metro South Alabang Toastmasters Club (L-R): DTM Raul dela Vega, Area Director Cecile Reynales and Division H Council Treasurer Tess Siapno who came to grace the occasion.

Hamming it up with Jude, Alvin and Marlon.

Plenty of Karaoke singing.

Ed's pained and soulful rendition of "Napakasakit, Kuya Edd..." Ha ha.

Tita Rema with friends and former BF Comm members, Maria Jazul and Elna Fabiana.

Glad you enjoyed the party, guys! Until the next club anniversary party, see you then!