Tuesday, July 23, 2019

JPhil Toastmasters Club Visit as General Evaluator

This time around, I was early in attending the JPhil Toastmasters Club noontime meeting. It was my second meeting with them.

Some of those attending in today's meeting were (L-R): Genesis Isidro, Brian Mejorada, Michelle Chavez, Abelle Cruz, Leslie-Ann Moreno, Ed Ramirez, me, Ken Carillo, Jeff Dimarucut, Gizzle Amoranto, John Raphael Cuenca, and Gemmarie Saavedra.

(photo credits: Genesis Isidro)

Early Bird This Time

Unlike the first time I visited JPhil TMC when I was late for 10 minutes, this time I was early. I was able to reach the parking lot at 11:20am for the 12 noon meeting. IPP Abelle Cruz met me at the lobby and helped prepare the room.

Coming in early proved to be a blessing. Abelle was kind enough to arrange lunch for us guests and and so I was able to partake of an early lunch even before the meeting started.

The early bird gets the worm, as they say. It wasn't a worm this time, but a big piece of chicken!

I was happy that I was early. Typically, I wouldn't be able to eat during a meeting when I'm taking on a General Evaluator AND and a Prepared Speech Evaluator role.


Declaring the meeting open in today's program was new Club President Leslie Ann Moreno (below-left). Taking the role of Toastmaster of the Day was Genesis Isidro (below-middle)

Ken Carillo (below-right) assumed the role of Grammarian and showed the Word-of-the-Day on the multimedia LED screen. The Word-of-the-Day was "Clairvoyance"

Pres. Leslie Ann gave some lavish introductions for the guests, even citing that the DTM (which I just received) was the highest award that may be bestowed to a Toastmaster.

Amidst the "ooohh" from the members, she then asked me, "How to be you, po?" To which I quickly answered, "Attend the Speakers Summit on August 24, po!" Haha.

Direct to Prepared Speeches

In the interest of time, the club did away with the Table Topics and proceeded directly to the Prepared Speeches. After all, the noon time meeting was really tight with just one hour of time allotment.

There were a couple of speakers today: Jeff Dimarucut (below-left) with a Research and Presenting Speech and club-hopping Ed Ramirez (below-right) with an advanced speech from The Entertaining Speaker manual.

Jeff shared his experiences regarding some practices and traditions in the Catholic religion. Ed, the inveterate storyteller that he is, delivered a "tall tales" speech of a lady love-interest.

At the Evaluation portion, Michelle Chavez (above-right) delivered the Ah-Counter's Report. Unfortunately nobody was assigned for the Timer's role and may be one reason the meeting went overtime! We were just engrossed with the speeches.

Below, Ed enthralls the audience with his entertaining story. Also shown are (L-R): Michelle Chavez, Lester Santos, Brian Mejorada, Abelle Cruz, Gen Isidro and Leslie Ann Moreno.

I suppose that with the lack of a Timer, Ed got carried away with some amusing parts of the story and went overtime.

Shown below (L-R): Gizzle Amoranto, Ken Carillo, Gemmarie Saavedra, Jeff Dimarucut, John Raphael Cuenca, Michelle Chavez, Lester Santos, Brian Mejorada and Abelle Cruz.

At the end of the meeting, I was able to put in a promotional spiel for the upcoming Speakers Summit 2019 on August 24. I even showed the goodies that come free with the paid registration - Home TV Shopping Style! (as Leslie put it).

It was another fun-filled productive meeting with the JPhil Toastmasters Club. Thanks, JPhil!

And that's... a wrap!