Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Harbor Toastmasters Club Visit as General Evaluator

It's been a while that DTM Beth Pableo has been inviting me to visit their club, the revitalized Harbor Toastmasters Club. Well, today I did, finally.

Attending in today's meeting at Harbor TMC in the Bureau of Customs venue were (L-R): Ed Ramirez, Giselle, Karina Salazar, Michelle, Cindy Caluyo, Helen Grace Balite, Cecilio Vicente Gallo, Beth Pableo, Marius Landicho, me, Mon Rodriguez, Dolly delos Reyes, Jason Paul Pagala and Rupert Bustamante.

(photo credits: Cindy Caluyo)

I picked up Dolly in Alabang enroute to the NAIA-X via the Skyway. We were quickly at the Bureau of Customs venue in less than 30 minutes. AD Ed Ramirez was already there in discussions with Helen Balite for an upcoming club, also with BOC.

After around 20 minutes of waiting for others to arrive, the club started the meeting. DTM Beth Pableo (below-left) as Club President opened the meeting.

Karina Salazer (below-middle) led the Invocation and Toastmasters Pledge. There were abrupt changes in the program roles. Rupert Bustamante (below-right) became the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME)

Others who arrived on time and were ready for the meeting were (L-R): Giselle, Michelle and Cecilio "Jovic" Gallo. I even saw Jovic shuffling through papers, an indication that he had a speech.

We were waiting for the Table Topics Master, but since she has not yet arrived, the club proceeded with the Prepared Speeches instead. First on the list was an Ice Breaker speech by Jason Paul Pagala (below-left).

He was followed by another Ice Breaker speaker, Cindy Caluyo (below-right). The third prepared speaker was Jovic Gallo who I evaluated. This was in addition to my duties as General Evaluator.

After the Prepared Speeches was the Table Topics Portion. With the assigned Topicsmaster still not around, DTM Beth Pableo took on the role.

Below, she's giving a topic to the first respondent, Giselle. The theme of the meeting was "Where there is love, there is life."

Other than Giselle (below-right), the other respondents for Table Topics were Mon Rodriguez (below-left) and Michelle. Of the three, it was Mon who had a response of the connubial (Word-of-the-Day) nature.

The club, apparently, did not have an official break time but rather, a working break. So over yummy pancit and bread, we continued with the evaluations.

Dolly delos Reyes evaluated Table Topics. Ed Ramirez evaluated both Jason Paul and Cindy and I evaluated Jovic.

Shown below is Marius Landicho giving the Timer's Report.

Overall, a good productive meeting, although we shot the mark and finished at 8:15 pm. Thank you, Harbor Toastmasters Club!

And that's... a wrap!