Thursday, June 13, 2019

Club-Hopping at Fluor Master Speakers Toastmasters Club

It's always fun visiting a new club and, today, a new club I visited was the Fluor Master Speakers (FMS) Toastmasters Club of Area 71 at Fluor Daniel, Spectrum Midway in Alabang.

Some of those attending in today's meeting were: Front row (L-R): Nahdiya Zaheer Betonio, Hazel Doydora, Mae Chloe Ramos, Ricky Dave Obias, me, Kennette Joie Pascual and Renz Roe Carillo. Back row (L-R): 2 guests, Leonides Dumlao, Anthony Agustin, Sebedi Busayong and Erickson Flores. These were the ones I recognized from the program.

(photo credits: Nahdiya Betonio)

Getting there to the Venue

There was plenty of time, I thought, when I left for Fluor Daniel. After all, I've been to Fluor several times already. Getting there should be a breeze.

There was a big difference though. Those times that I did visit the place were Saturdays. And on weekdays, I didn't realize that parking would be a problem.

It's a good thing Filinvest Tent was available. It's farther away, but close enough to make it to the 11:30 am Toastmasters meeting.

VP-Ed Nahdiya was kind enough to meet me at the lobby and escort me. It wasn't so quick and easy though because the lobby guards now have this strange procedure of asking visitors to view a Safety Orientation video.

It wouldn't have been so bad had the video been shorter than the required 10 minutes to view it. Really? A required 10-minute viewing for just a 1-hour meeting?

Haha. It was certainly a "WTH?" moment for Nahdiya and me. I was half-joking whether there would be a certification exam to take at the end of the video.

Good Speakers at FMS

VP-Ed Nahdiya and Pres. Kenn are both familiar faces as they've recently been in the contest scene. I saw them at the Joint Area Speech Contest as well as in the Division H Speech Contest.

I wasn't a judge in either contest but I thought they did very well. Another familiar face is Hazel who I first met at the Power Dressing Seminar.

Now I know why this club is churning out champions. From what I've seen in today's meeting, the club has a pool of talented speakers.

General Evaluation at Today's Meeting

Upon the request of VP-Ed Nahdiya, I took the role of General Evaluator in today's program. There was a good turnout of members attending the meeting, although I was told there would have been more.

Apparently, due to the meeting's short duration, they could only, at most, afford to have two prepared speakers per meeting. At today's meeting, we only had two: Ricky and Kenn, both accomplished speakers.

Both of them delivered Speech #10 from the basic Competent Communication Manual. Incidentally, Ricky is the Incoming Club President while Kenn is the Outgoing.

What's interesting with the club is that for Basic Speech #10, the speaker gets two evaluators: one for content and another for delivery. Of course, this practice extends the evaluation time but I suppose it gives a much thorough evaluation for the speech.

No Table Topics

In the interest of time, there was no Table Topics session in the meeting. Even so, we went overtime since we ended at 1:00 pm. In lunch meetings like this, I could sense the need to hurry up with my own evaluations.

Nonetheless, the meeting was fun and I have the feeling that everybody learned much from today's feedback at evaluation. Thank you for inviting me to be your General Evaluator, Fluor Master Speakers TMC!

Here's a scanned copy of today's meeting program (or "agenda", as they call it in FMS).

And that's... a wrap!